Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Harpo, Chimp, and the Talking Gas Pump

Wow I'm so excited. Great Leader has landed a role on Corner Gas. Although I'm very disappointed that he's playing himself. (Yawn) What a bore. I was hoping for something like a disgraced preacher, or a snake oil salesman. Even a stand still role as Hump the Talking Pump would have been better than that. Can you imagine the dialogue?

"Hey hoser who needs Kyoto when you got gas?" (Burp)
"Hey wheathead is this good ol' boy Alberta gas or what? (Fart)

But no. We get President Harpo playing himself....... as a nice guy. Ooh boy, that's going to be a stretch. Talk about waaaaaay beyond normal. I wonder which one of his five communication directors came up with that one? Probably the same one who put the Mark of the Booger on him. Remind me to miss it when it comes out.

But as pathetic and cloyingly fake as that performance no doubt was, nothing could compete with the absolutely grotesque choreographed performance put on by Chimp Bush in New Orleans today.

He made it sound like it was all about him when it was really all about their pain. How can these poor, mostly black people come back to New Orleans when there is nothing for them there? What are his chillums supposed to live on? Slave rations and watermelons?

Two pathetic leaders, two fraudulent performances. The only difference between the two of them is that President Harper is just a phony, and President Chimp is going senile. So he's got an excuse. (h/t to Ti-Guy)

Hmmm.... let's hope that nothing serious happens in North America before this endless B-movie is over...

And we can give both bums the hook. (loud applause)

Before they bring down the house...


  1. Does this mean we can call Harpo media whore? I hope so, 'cause 'oil whore' is getting old.

  2. Hmmm....good question. But how can you be a whore whore? Doesn't that make you a pimp? Except that this one isn't standing on the street corner flogging ho's. He's sitting in the PMO trying to sell our country...