Thursday, August 17, 2006

Is This a Prime Minister or What? (Part Two)

I wondered what excuse our fake President might come up with today to justify his disgusting and shameful decision to boycott the AIDS Conference.

So I looked it up. And was horrified to find his busy schedule consisted of counting carats like a bunny....... at a diamond mine in Nunavut. Wow! Isn't that something? All those carats the mine is going to produce. Almost as many as the people who die of AIDS every year because governments don't care enough.

Isn't that a perfect symbol of the twisted neocon mindspace that always finds time to put money ahead of human lives? Just like they're putting ideology ahead of humanity by fucking with Vancouver's safe injection site. The next time I hear a ReformCon talk about morality, I don't know what I'll do. Throw something at the tv. Laugh in their faces. Or vomit.

The ReformCons can squawk and screech and enlist an old homophobe to try to defend the indefensible. Some progressive bloggers don't seem to care.

But I do. Like most Canadians I feel that Harper should have been there, just like Jean Chretien should have been at the last one. These 24-thousand delegates from 140 countries are leading the desperate struggle against the AIDS pandemic that is destroying people and nations all over the world. The least Harper could have done was welcome them and say thank you. It would have been the decent and honorable and Canadian thing to do. But what do those cheap politicos know about that?

The good news , as I've said before , is that this ridiculous Bubba Blubber Tour is helping to drive down his polls. The mask is slipping. He's revealing what kind of a cold and fanatic person he really is. In addition to Being Chimp Bush's chi hua hua. That's going down like a bomb in Quebec and Ontario. Soon all hopes of a majority will be gone. Hallelujah! He's blowing it, all by his little crazy nerdy self. These poor ReformCons are so ridiculous. They think Great Leader is so smart. Soon they'll be calling him an idiot who threw it all away. Or Not So Great Former Leader Loser. Ha. Ha.Ha.

In the meantime I'm going to enjoy watching him stumble and stew. If you need a recipe I've got one! And a real bubba recipe no less. Yum.Yum.Yum.

Today our little bunnycon might be counting his carats. But you know what they say about diamonds. They really aren't forever.

Soon he'll be counting his losses. Oh yes, don't forget to save some of the red wine.

So we can all raise a glass to that.

Bottoms Up.....


Lept said...

Ouch, that hurts - a link to me in the same sentence as a reference to Peter Worthington and the Cantor blog thing.
To clarify:
The fact that I don't care what Harper says on the subject doesn't mean that I am not deeply angered by the fact that the Prime Minister of Canada is again sending out a message of indifference
ESPECIALLY since this has led to the cancellation of the planned visit by the only African head of state prepared to do so(Liberia).

Anonymous said...

So far he's only living up to expectations, and as a Homosexual, I'm not expecting much. He won't be around forever.

Simon said...

Hey Lenny sorry about putting you in such bad company. I really didn't mean it that way.I did put a
progressive fence around you...:>)
And thanks for pointing out that his little hissy fit did have serious consequences. I just couldn't resist linking to that great picture. Also thank you for the Cornichon bookmark.

Repentently Yours