Friday, August 18, 2006

Harper and the Mark of the Booger

Ok. Ok. Hold on. Before you start accusing me of fucking around with President Harpo's face again, I want you to know I'm completely innocent this time. I got the picture off his very own official ReformCon Ministry of Propaganda and Disinformation web site.

Holy shit!!!! What's that big white blob on his nose? What have these monsters done to his face?

When I first saw it I thought it was amusing. I thought he had honked an enormous booger. And either his trained seals were too scared to tell him about it. Or Rona Ambrose wasn't there to wipe it off. These kind of things always happen to ReformCon nerds. When mummy isn't around.

Then I wondered whether the Ministry of Propaganda and Disinformation had been trying to carve a more heroic profile for Great Leader. And something had gone terribly wrong. But that too made me laugh. You'd need a chainsaw to do that. Not a photoshop brush.

But then I realized it might be a sign of something far more sinister. Could the fake skin be peeling away and revealing the robot within? Kalifornia Arnold Terminator baby achtung! Where are you when we need you?

Or could Great Leader simply be falling apart? He's certainly acting strange. Playing games with human lives.

Or could it be the long awaited Mark of the Booger? The sign of Conservative End Times. After reading this story I think it's probably that. In that case only an exorcist will save them.

But if it's just a bad photoshop number will somebody please fire Sandra Buckler.

And if it's really just a big and disgusting booger will one of his cowed minions please summon up some courage

And tell Great Leader to go blow himself.



Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! Thanks for the Friday laugh. I wonder how long that pic will stay up on the site now that you've brought it to our attention. The Cons have no problem erasing websites, let's see what they do with the snot-nosed Leader.

Anonymous said...

Jeezus that's an awful picture. He looks like some kind of stoned freak with a really bad rug.

Thank you for showing us our REAL Prime Minister. I need to barf now...

Omar said...

The wheels are thankfully falling off this reform/alliance/NEWconservative bus. Harper will never get a majority.

Anonymous said...

I;m so glad you're back, and in such fine form!
Now I have to go read the rest of your postings since your return (I've been out of touch - cat - fall - shattered right wrist - right handed - can't type or drive or do anything etc etc.)

Simon said...


Sorry to hear about your wrist. i hope you're feeling better and making a quick recovery.We're going to need all the good people we can get to take on Harpo and his gang. Get well soon and report to the trenches in September!