Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Is This a Prime Minister or What?

I see our cowardly Prime Minister is continuing his absurd waddle through the North to try to put as much distance between himself and the AIDS Conference as possible. Just because he's afraid to be booed.

Well boo hoo bubba. It's a little too late to worry about that

But I see Bubba Blubber isn't the only ReformCon running for cover. This trembling jelly is too.

What is it about these Cons anyway? They like to pose as chickenhawks,flapping their feathers and foaming at the mouth. But at the slightest sign of trouble they just cut and run.

Can you imagine what would happen if this yankee loving fake President ever gave the order to drop depth charges on a submerged sub in our Arctic? And then found out it was an American one? By the time we found out what had happened, he would be halfway to the Antarctic along with the rest of his cabinet.

Now look I understand that most ReformCons are either hayseed bigots or nerds who never got laid. And that they like to talk big to make up for their little inadequacies, of which there are many. But this is ridiculous. They're the laughing stock of the entire civilized world.

Will somebody please tell President Steve that it's safe to come home?
Before he slips on all that melting ice, courtesy of his Kyoto hating pals, and is eaten by a starving polar bear. What's a few boos from the faggot-lovers and a few flying falafels from a cultural community, compared to that?

BTW. Does anyone know when the seal bashing season starts? Oh wait. Now I remember. Damm.

Not soon enough....

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