Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Pentagon Plan to Save Iraq's Past

A while back I wrote a post about how armies of looters were being allowed to swarm all over Iraq's precious archaeological sites ... reducing them to rubble...literally wiping some of them off the map.

And how the Americans were not only doing nothing to stop them, they were contributing to the problem. By turning the Hanging Gardens of Babylon into the Hanging Gardens of Halliburton.

Well now the Pentagon has apparently decided to do SOMETHING. By running off a brand new set of playing cards

Now they're not trying to capture and kill Saddam. They're trying to save the Cradle of Civilization.

Good Luck.

A majority of these illicit digs are far more than small holes dug by local families with picks and shovels-they are massive quarrying efforts carried out by organized teams often involving hundreds of workers and mechanized equipment such as backhoes and bulldozers, sometimes financed by foreign dealers.

Why is everything in Iraq too little and too late?

What does it say about humanity when we were only prepared to save the Cradle of Civilization with a deck of playing cards? Or by telling pilots not to bomb the precious ruins. Unless of course they HAVE to...

Not much.

But at least it does give us all a hint of which card trumps all others in this latest Pentagon card game....

While reducing the rest of the country to rubble. What a joke. What a tragedy. What a crime...

How ironic they should be hauling out the playing cards again.

When it's almost time to fold 'em....


  1. and bush is the joker.

  2. Sure, just drive your tanks around those sites while the looters pillage them, how thoughtful.

  3. Hi Scoutie! Yup.He really is the joker isn't he? It's like they are trying to destroy a culture just like they tried to destroy the native people's culture by destroying their scared places or carting their treasures off to their museums...

    Hi Bruce!! Yeah you know the tragic part is that some of those sites have never been excavated so who knows what treasures or clues to the past have been lost. When I read that their tanks had crushed a 2,500 year old road leading up to one of the main gates of Babylon
    I felt sick. Some things are replaceable. But some things are not...