Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Mingle Challenge and Bullied Gay Kids

Like so many other bloggers out there I couldn't resist taking the Mingle Challenge.

And I was shocked by the results.

Online Dating

Not just by the rating itself. But by the words they chose to determine it.....

gay (77x)
murder (8x)
dead (5x)
dangerous (4x)
hell (3x)
queer (2x)
asshole (1x)

Yikes! I can't fucking believe I used the word gay seventy-seven times and the word asshole only once.

I mean gay is about me and my brothers and sisters. But what about my enemies? Don't tell me I write seventy-seven times more about us than I do about the homophobes. Fuck me. I'm gonna have to do better than that....

And BTW how the fuck did they miss the word fuck?

Which made me wonder whether it's Mingle's rating system that is fucked....so I decided to give it a little test...

Surely I thought, the gentle and creative gay blogger Mark at
Slap Upside the Head had to get a better rating than me. Right?


Online Dating

Based on his use of the following words:gay (16x) slap (7x) gays (4x) lesbian (1x)

Which I think proves CONCLUSIVELY that Mingle's criteria are not just fucked they're HOMOPHOBIC.

Or as the Great Old and Very Unrepentant Hippie suggests....the fix is in.

Which kinda pisses me off. Because one of the big reasons I blog is to help gay kids under seventeen. Bullied kids like these.

Almost two thirds of homosexual pupils in Britain's schools have suffered homophobic bullying, a survey suggests.

Almost all of those had experienced verbal bullying but 41% had been physically attacked, while 17% said they had received death threats.

Isn't that a crime? And just remember that in Canada it's worse. We're not doing enough to tackle the problem...because most Canadians don't care enough.

Apart from writing to idiot politicians and school boards, I can't do much for these poor kids either. All I can do is attack their enemies...write about what I went through... encourage them to seek out support groups...tell them to be strong and proud.... that the bullying will end some day ....love will find them ...and everything will be ok. It's not much....pathetically little....but at least it shows I care.

So I hate to see a dating service that turns gay into a dirty word just like the bullies do...

"Ninety-eight per cent of young gay people hear the phrases 'that's so gay' or 'you're so gay' in school, and over four fifths hear such comments often or frequently."

......telling gay kids they shouldn't read our blogs. Huh?

I mean how could I pass on Simon's Little Gay Life Lessons? Like the one I prepared for today...pay attention kiddos...

Always remember..that anyone, or any group or organization, or any church or government, who tells you that gay is bad is not only REALLY BAD...but sicko crazy and should be ignored.

Remember that gay is beautiful. YOU are beautiful. Homophobes and bullies are evil bastards. Having to fight them is our curse.... and our glory.

And of course that Mingle is moronic...and in desperate need of a software overhaul. But you knew THAT. Lesson over.

Class dismissed...


  1. I'm still trying to figure out how I got an R rating over three words: Gay, Faggot & Hit.

    I don't work even half as hard as you, yet apparently I should be put in jail.

  2. It's really too bad that we will not see the demise of religion in our lifetime, but I think eventually after they all kill each other, the rest of us will be able to finally live in peace. Without all of the superstitious nonsense, without all of the self-righteous judging, without the hypocrisy, the dishonesty and the murderous thugs that kill in the name of something that doesn't exist.

  3. Hi Bruce!!! Well they wer right about the jail part anyway....:)
    Seriously though the whole thing is a joke.But I really would like to meet the person who programmed this rating game....coz they must be MORONS!!!

    Hi Waterboy!! You know it's hard to see it with all the shit that keeps landing on our head...but look at it in historical terms...and it's clear that religion has really taken a hit. It may never disappear but hopefully if we build a better world people will realize that this earth is our heaven OR our hell...and the curse that religion is now will finally be lifted.
    And in the meantime we should go after them as hard or harder thn they go after us... I'm up for it...and I KNOW you are!! :)