Friday, June 24, 2022

The Day The Cons Officially Became the Convoy Party

I've been warning for a long time that the Cons are no longer a Canadian political party. 

But are now a party of right-wing extremists, religious fanatics, and conspiracy peddling kooks, who are at war with this country and its values.

I said the trucker terrorists would show Canadians what the Harperites have become and how low they have fallen.

So needless to say, I am really happy to see the ugly Cons prove me right.

For this is outrageous.

Key figures of the convoy protests and related organizations were welcomed to Key figures of the convoy protests and related organizations were welcomed to Parliament Hill on Wednesday by a group of Conservative MPs that assured them they have ‘allies’ in Ottawa.

And while the group professed peaceful intentions for future demonstrations, they also warned they believe Canada was on a “dark path,” deeply “divided,” even showing similarities to countries about to descend into “civil war.”

Can you believe that? 

A large group of Cons inviting some of the leaders of the terrorist trucker movement into the Parliament building many of their members wanted to storm back in February, to try to overthrow the Trudeau government.

Giving the trucker thugs a tour of Parliament like some Republican senators did the day before the American insurrectionists stormed the Capital building.

Even as police are worried that another convoy heading for Ottawa could disrupt the Canada Day celebrations, and terrorize the city all over again. 

Canadian authorities are preparing for the imminent return of the anti-vaccine convoy, warning that increasingly violent rhetoric from extremist groups aligned with the movement could pose a threat to politicians, police, and civilians.

And who can blame them? With veteran convoy leader Tom Marazzo sounding as deranged as ever...

Rookie convoy leader Marcus Ray promising to arrest Justin Trudeau and sounding increasingly belligerent.

“It's time that we actually fight for our kids,” Ray told a crowd earlier this month. “It is time that we actually fight for Canada. I mean, we draw the line and we do not back up.”

While another organizer Christopher James calls for their political opponents to be executed.

On a broadcast earlier this year, James made clear what the end result of those arrests would be. He insisted that politicians and public health figures from every level, from the executives of Pfizer “right down to the municipal level,” should be put on trial. “I have no doubt that the jury is going to find them guilty. And I have no doubt that those that jury is going to see to them that they are put to death. And that's what needs to happen.”

As so many of their deeply disturbed followers are always doing...

Which needless to say is earning them all some really bad reviews even before the convoy horror show arrives in Ottawa.

It's quite a barrage, and it no doubt explains why Pierre Poilievre is running away from his trucker terrorist buddies just as I predicted he would...

After claiming he didn't call them to offer his support, only to be made to look like a liar AND a coward.

But all the lies in the world won't help him, and it won't help the other Cons either. It's too late for that.

They are now officially the Convoy Party. 

They are about to find out what most Canadians think of them and their trucker terrorist friends.

And why so many hate both of them so much.

The truth will help bury them both.

And hopefully jail some of them.

And that should ensure that the treasonous Cons will never govern this country again...


Pierre D. said...

One would hope this, but a look to the south shows us that one election can set a country back 50+ years.
This is why it's critically important to filter out out the noise and VOTE VOTE VOTE.

VOTE ORANGE if the ORANGE can win in your riding.
VOTE RED if the RED can win in your riding.
If you're in Quebec, VOTE RED.

It's that simple. Because if Pigeon Pierre gets elected, say goodbye to your services and goodbye to anything but usurious fees for anything but breathing.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out who's dumber, the convoy clowns or the CPC for supporting them. Matters not, I guess. The Stornoway princess will soon lose her castle to the PP and must be too fraught with self pity over losing the free digs to stand up and say anything. Don't worry Candy, you can keep the worn out mattress if you like.

As the polls clearly show, Canadians living in the current universe have had their fill of the clownvoys. Me especially. They will find themselves vastly outnumbered by the decent people out to celebrate Canada Day and I would not be surprised if violence breaks out. I don't condone violence but maybe a few cracked skulls will knock some sense into their vapid heads. Here's a simple message for them. Fuck off convoy assholes!!! We've had it with your hate and brain dead excuses for this inane movement of the dumb and dumber. Rest assured, it will, once again, not end well for you if you choose to disrupt the majority of us out to have a good time. It never does. But you're too fucking stupid to realize it. Let me reiterate, fuck you and fuck off you pathetic fucking losers!!!!!!

Jackie Blue said...

RCMP is trying to take down this govt like they did to the Liberals in 2006. Given the apparent corruption in the ranks I wouldn't put it past them to look the other way when some friendly sausage maker decides to go full Oswald on Canada Day or any other time.

And lo and behold the feckless, corrupt #cdnmediafailed to yet again give a damn about the real threat facing Canada, because Bob Fife had another brain fart and some dumb donut eater wants to smear his lady boss to cover for the force's incompetence.

Why are the media and the cops so determined to get rid of this man?

Pierre D. said...

Stable government doesn't sell papers or generate page clicks.
They don't really care who is in government they just want more $ in their accounts.

Hopefully Privy Council is ready because the next election will be the toughest Justin will ever have had to face.
As for the rest of us, don't click articles from Globe, Star, Sun, etc.
Rely on National Observer, Press Progress and reliable news sources to get information. CBC is still good, though they have slipped into "both sides-ism" of late.

And yes, the Convoy this Canada Day could well swing the election for good.
And that's why PMJT and his allies should just do their own BBQ at home and go from there...and enjoy the show, so to speak.

Steve said...

What about the Rempel

Jackie Blue said...

"Hopefully Privy Council is ready because the next election will be the toughest Justin will ever have had to face."

I agree, though I hope he makes it that far. I have never been so worried about a fatal incident happening in Canada ~ I started having this bad, nagging feeling around 2018, when Trump blurted out in frustration over NAFTA talks "I can't just kill these people" ~ and this is the worst I've ever felt about it. I thought things would improve with him gone but they've only escalated since Jan. 6.

I really hope PMJT stays out of Ottawa this Canada Day and just spends the summer having downtime at Harrington Lake. He'll need the energy after two weeks abroad, and to gear up to face Skippy's MAGA mob come fall.

Anonymous said...

He’s not welcome in Ottawa anyway, or anywhere in Canada outside of few places.

Still Surprised they weren’t burning him in effigy outside the passport offices…..but the summer is still young.

jrkrideau said...

@ Pierre D

"If you're in Quebec, VOTE RED"

I did for the 10 years I lived there.

Simon said...

Hi Pierre D.....I've been telling some very angry friends of mine not to get angry get even. And your advice to VOTE VOTE VOTE is exactly what I mean. And I follow my own advice. In the last Ontario election I voted for the NDP to try to make sure that no Con would get elected in my riding. And it worked !!! Unfortunately many progressives didn't bother to vote, so we are stuck with Ford. Yesterday he made his 28-year-old loser nephew a minister, so I can only imagine what kind of a banana republic he will turn Ontario into. And those who didn't vote will be sorry....

Simon said...

Hi JD....It's hard to choose been the convoy clowns and the Con clowns, both belong in a circus Honk!! Honk!!. But fortunately the convoy terrorists have just revealed what makes them tick. I will write about it in my next post, but it should do the Cons terrible damage. And if the trucker terrorists even try to disrupt the Canada Day celebrations the damage will be even greater, because as you point out they really are pathetic losers. As for poor old Candy Bergen, I just wish I could be studying outside Stornoway as she moves out of her fancy bouncy castle, just so I could jog along side her limo and shout " That mattress isn't yours and we WILL count the cutlery !!!" The fact that she could be even the interim leader tells you all you need to know about the Cons, and of course Pierre Poutine will be even worse. Hooray!!!

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...I agree, the RCMP in Nova Scotia is disgracing itself, in a desperate attempt to cover up its criminal incompetence. But I'm still hopeful that Trudeau RCMP bodyguards can do what is necessary to protect him from the Con crazies. It won't be easy, because there are so many of those Con crazies, but most of them are all talk and no nothing. Still they are a real danger to this country and its democracy and the police have to become more proactive and start arresting the Con terrorists before they even leave their fetid basements. And if necessary shoot a few of them as an example to the others. Our is a beautiful peaceful country and they need to do what is necessary to keep it that way...

Simon said...

Hi Steve...I have to say that on the grand scheme of things, Rempel's fate bothers me even less that it always has. Although I have to admit I feel a teeny bit sorry for her. She is being treated like a punching bag by the drooling misogynists in her own party, and she deserves better than that. But she made her bed and now she must lie in it....

Simon said...

Hi Jackie@9:56 PM....The reason the convoy terrorists chose to target Canada Day is because they hope they will be able to get close enough to him to insult him or try to hurt him. The RCMP will have to make sure that Trudeau's exposure is limited, and that anyone who tries to act up is taken down hard. Luckily you can usually smell a Con terrorist a mile away, because their body hygiene is not the best. And of course, the decent Canadians who will be attending the celebrations will also be watching out for any would be terrorists, and if they see one they won't be too gentle...

Simon said...

Hi anon@11:26...Stop talking nonsense, and try talking through your mouth instead of your asshole. Justin Trudeau is according to the polls the most popular political leader in Canada, by far. And all the pathetic mini scandals the Cons try to throw at him will not change that. So please try to sober up. Trudeau is going to be the Prime Minister for many more years, and there is nothing you can do about it...

Anonymous said...

So you want the police to shoot people they actually have more in common with……yep…..that will end well.

Anonymous said...

The pandemic gave the far right leaning QAnon conspiracy membership a huge boost in the number of followers. The conspiracy widely supported in several countries including Canada used Covid restrictions to promote a conspiracy that the global satanic Elite were using Covid as a foil to strip people of their freedom. In Canada it drew in followers ranging from white supremacists to moms with young children and spawned the Freedumb Convoy. The thing is that any good conspiracy or Con game needs a sense of urgency to scramble the mind; Covid related travel restrictions, vaccine passports, reported fenced quarantine compounds in Australia gave it that sense of urgency. In their minds prophesies were coming true, the time for action was immediate! Now that its several months later the organisers are weighed down by legal battles , the government is still there, the holy shit our freedom will be gone in a matter of days has dissipated somewhat. The lull has provided opportunity for the Cons to co-op the movement and invite them into the big tent. Their hope is that it will not take much tinkering to control them, all they have to do is slightly alter the big truck symbol to include an umbrella of Con flags, boost the shared “David vs Goliath” fables to include PP as an intermediary for Q, rather than dancing on war monuments include some Con vets as a symbol of freedom, sprinkle in a little religion and presto a new member of the big blue tent is born.
Although very unlikely that someone like PP will be able to interject himself between Q and his followers there is always the possibility the Cons will carry it off and membership numbers will swell. Then as usual around election time the Liberals will reach into their grab bag and pull out a few bouncy red balls, throw them on the legislative floor and watch the nutbars that have been quietly sitting on the fringes in anticipation of the big win start to twitch, foam at the mouth and quickly go rabid. No wonder the Cons accuse the Liberals of divisive politics, their sensible legislative priorities expose the carefully covered up Con divisions and myopic agendas for everyone to see.

The following is a link to a Maclean's interview with the author of The Storm is Upon Us: How QAnon Became a Movement, Cult, And Conspiracy Theory of Everything.


Anonymous said...

Curious, the number of signatories to the MOU demanding replacement of elected MPs with themselves.
The same number of people PP/Astroturf Jenni claim to have signed up.