Thursday, June 16, 2022

Pierre Poilievre and the Corruption of the Cons

After taking months off to campaign for the Con leadership, Pierre Poilievre returned to the House of Commons yesterday, looking even more sleazy than usual.

And true to form, he immediately joined other Cons in demanding that Marco Mendicino resign, for the "crime" of having invoked the Emergencies Act to force the terrorist truckers, to get the hell out of Ottawa.

Even though Mendicino only did what most Canadians wanted him to do.

And it's Poilievre who should resign before he shames himself further, and leads his Cons into The Abyss.

For this is shameful.

Pierre Poilievre’s two main rivals in the federal Conservative leadership race are accusing the perceived front runner of inflating the number of party memberships he claims to have sold in advance of the Sept. 10 vote to decide the next party leader.

The stench of corruption hangs over yet another Con leadership race, and Jean Charest is all but calling Poilievre a liar.

“At the rate it’s going, we call it Pierreinflation in terms of recruiting members. I think he’s recruiting members in the state of Maine and New Hampshire if you’re to follow his logic.” 

And while some are calling him a liar, others are calling him a fraud or a grifter who promoted bitcoin even as it tanked. Again.

The 2022 Summer of Terror continues to scorch the cryptocurrency industry. Just as some eagerly hoped the worst might be over, prices of Bitcoin Wednesday hit yet another grim milestone, dropping to an 18-month-low.

Leaving Poilievre looking like an idiot. Again.

And no doubt leaving some of his dumb supporters kicking themselves for believing that he knew what he was doing.

And I'm sure, also demanding that he resign.

While Chrystia Freeland called him "economically illiterate" today, which really must have embarrassed the reverse Midas, who turns everything he touches into shite.

But of course the nightmare that almost certainly keeps Poilievre awake at night, and sweating like a pig, is the one where he is accused of aiding and abetting the terrorist truckers.

For as the decent old Con Hugh Segal writes, sedition is sedition.

Sedition is the act of attempting or planning the forceful overthrow of a government, duly elected pursuant to a country’s constitution. Conspiring to do so is also a criminal offence. And some of those who were part of the convoy of truckers and others that occupied downtown Ottawa and blockaded various border crossings across Canada formally called on the Gov. General and the unelected Senate to depose our duly elected government. 

One of the candidates in the current Conservative leadership contest, Pierre Poilievre, went to the occupation site to express his support for the demonstration, which was also against vaccine mandates. He knew that some demonstrators supported or even produced the seditious call for the replacement of a duly elected government of Canada. 

Mr. Poilievre has, understandably, chosen to distance himself from those in the convoy who have been accused of illegal activity and discreditable actions. But he has not, thus far, disassociated himself from the supporters’ formal demand at the time to replace the existing duly elected government and the Prime Minister of Canada.

And a party that includes Poilievre is a party that decent Canadians should avoid.

Whatever the future policy priorities of the federal Conservative party, the core Canadian constitutional values of “peace, order and good government” are non-negotiable parts of our constitutional framework. That framework has no tolerance for the seditious and illegal overthrow of duly elected governments, nor for any candidate who signals so much as an ambivalence toward that threat to our democratic system. Canadian voters should not have any time for any politician who will not denounce sedition and those who proposed it.

I personally find it hard to believe that terrorist sympathizers like Poilievre are still running around, and have not yet been charged with sedition, or encouraging an insurrection.

I also can't believe that our shabby bought media hasn't held him to account for vowing to privatize medicare, kill the CBC, and ignore the threat of climate change, even as the planet burns.

But as even the very Con friendly Andrew Coyne is forced to admit, the damage is done:

The Cons are no longer a truly Canadian party. 

Poilievre and others have corrupted it beyond repair. 

But the day of reckoning is coming. You can't encourage those who wanted to overthrow the duly elected Trudeau government. And arrest or kill Justin Trudeau.

So I'm pretty sure that when that day comes, Poilievre and his ugly Trump Cons will be made to pay for their treasonous behaviour.

And that the pigeon will end up in a cage of his own making...


Anonymous said...

Oh man, if only you actually worked in government you would know just how screwed Justin is.

All it will take is one leak, one little leak.

Our own Manning if you will. :)

Anonymous said...

If Crypto PP's supporters are dumb enough to throw their money away on twitcoin then good for them. That just means less money thrown at the PP himself as he attempts to lighten their wallets and delude them into thinking he actually has a fucking clue. He's not just economically illiterate, he's entirely illiterate. A moron for the ages.

Simon said...

Hi AnonyCon....You poor desperate creature. Trudeau is the most popular federal leader by far. Our unemployment rate is at a record low, and we're leading all the G7 countries when it comes to economic growth. While you got nothing except the bitcoin grifter Pierre Poilievre, and his shabby Cons. Do you wake up every morning soaked in your rancid sweat, dreaming that a word from you and Trudeau will disappear in a puff of smoke. It's going to be a long three years before the next election, and quite frankly I don't think you are going to survive. Ha ha ha ha get lost loser....

Simon said...

Hi JD...Poilievre's Bitcoin campaign has left him looking like a real loser. I expect that some of the dumb Cons who cashed in their life savings to buy bitcoin will be coming after Poilievre and demanding their money back, or else. And that's before we release the ton of dirt we have on him. And before the inquiry begins into the terrorist truckers. Choosing Poilievre will prove to be the worst mistake the Cons ever made, and it should finish them off for at least a generation. Of course there is always Rex Murphy. But judging from his picture in the National Post today I don't think he will be with us for much longer. I'm hoping that him and Don Cherry go down together. Wouldn't that be a treat?

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, I was thinking, where have a seen a picture that's remarkably similar to Rex and then it came to me. The book of cancerous testicles. It's no wonder he's got one foot in the grave when his hate filled heart has been pumping overtime ever since JT came on the scene. What a wasted, useless life when it's guided by hate.

Jackie Blue said...

The hell does that mean, our own Manning? Last I checked, Uncle Presto was still regarded as a deity by the cons. Undeservedly so at that, but at least the reverence Trudeau has among Liberals is because of his intentions to better the wellbeing of Canadians, rather than turn the country into a ripoff American hellscape. Unless anonycon means Payton and Eli, which doesn't make sense as JT doesn't play American football. Although as I've said before, I think he's the GOAT like Tom Brady. 🐐 But I digress.

Pipsqueak Percy Pissypants, meanwhile, is just a molting, revolting pigeon who doesn't even have any more Internet play money in his piggy bank to buy off his MAGA flock. I think I remember an old nursery rhyme that goes something like, this little persnickety piggy went to the permanent penalty pigpen. And he cried WE, WE, WE, all the way home.

Simon said...

Hi JD...Yes, he is a hate filled scam artist who managed to collect a regular salary from the CBC, while shilling shamelessly for Big Oil. It says something about the Cons that two of their two top deities are Murphy and the Lobster Man Jordan Peterson. But judging from the latest photos of both men they won't be with us for much longer. Peterson looks like he's back on hard drugs, and Murphy also looks like a real mess, with his wandering left eye threatening to fall out of his head. He gave the keystone speech at a ceremony the other day to honour Tamara The Convoy Bitch Lich who hopefully will be living in a penitentiary soon. Cons really are the scum of the earth and it's up to progressives to make them understand that, by whatever means necessay...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...The freak who wrote that comment meant Chelsea Manning the well known whistleblower. The freak is a homophobic troll who bombards me with the vilest comments you can imagine, and is always pretending to be a member of one of our intelligence agencies. Today he was claiming that Trudeau has AIDS, as I'm sure he has before. It's unpleasant to be the target of such Con scum, but I delete most of their comments upon arrival, and I'm proud to be able to diminish their lives by provoking them into showing who they really are., while I enjoy life like they never can or will. While I on the other hand enjoy life to the fullest. I honestly don't know how those ugly Con losers are going to survive the next three years, but I look forward to making their lives even more painful, if that's possible... ;)

Steve said...

Hi Simon, we disagree about Ukraine and the Kennedy Assassinator. I can not compared why you believe what you do.
Its not a problem for me to disagree.

The facts on the ground will prove me right about Ukranie.

That is not what I really wanted to say. I wanted to say the engery inflation crisis we are in was migigated by a large degree by PET and his NEP. NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THIS, please do.