Friday, January 05, 2018

Andrew Scheer's Big Beyak Bigot Problem

As you know Andrew Scheer is now desperate to improve his image, and try to convince Canadians he is not a bigot.

After the Globe editorial board questioned his commitment to tolerance.

Mr. Scheer has apparently made it a priority to rebrand his party as a Canada's brightest beacon of tolerance. Based on what we've seen, he may not be the person for the job.

So yesterday Scheer swung into action, and announced he was going to show everyone he is a beacon of tolerance.

By taking aim at the ghastly Con Senator Lynn Beyak.

And expelling her from the Con caucus for allowing her website to become a sewer of racism.

Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer has removed Sen. Lynn Beyak from the Conservative National Caucus, in the wake of a Global News report which found Beyak’s website to have published several letters containing language that First Nations advocates call racist or offensive.

But what's weird is that despite all the other racist comments, and Beyak's long history of offending our First Nations... 

Scheer would do nothing about that, but instead chose to focus on this comment:

“I’m no anthropologist but it seems every opportunistic culture, subsistence hunter/gatherers seeks to get what they can for no effort. There is always a clash between industrial/organized farming culture that values effort as opposed to a culture that will sit and wait until the government gives them stuff.”

And say this:

“To suggest that indigenous Canadians are lazy compared to other Canadians is simply racist.”

Which just happens to be one of the few things the many bigots in his caucus and his rabid base might grudgingly agree with.

And what that tells me is that Scheer is still more interested in placating the social conservatives who made him leader, than he is in fighting bigotry. And that the only reason he expelled Beyak was because she was too blatant.

So I think it's time Scheer needs to be asked some really hard questions:

Like why did he take so long to expel Beyak from his caucus? Just like he took forever to disassociate himself from The Rebel, or disentangle himself from the ghastly Ezra Levant.

Would he have let Beyak remain in the Con caucus if she had removed that racist material?

And most of all he needs to explain this:

Because that's the problem with Scheer, there's the one with the creepy smile...

Who poses as Mr Nice Guy.

And then there's the secret one, the one they call Schmeagol...

Who does share the beliefs of reactionary Cons like Beyak, and is more Trumpkin than Canadian.

You know, yesterday I examined Scheer's claim to be a beacon of tolerance, and NOT an anti-gay bigot. 

And I found that to be obscene, considering the many times Schmeagol has voted against bills designed to protect LGBT Canadians from violence and discrimination.

Now the very good parliamentary reporter Dale Smith weighs in, and also finds Scheer wanting.

To make it clear, Scheer’s language of “tolerance” is just that – being seen to tolerate something that much of his party’s base finds distasteful, and tolerance is a far cry from respect. So you’ll forgive me if I find Scheer’s assurances that he is “supportive” to ring entirely hollow, because that’s not the language or actions of support.

And then there's what Neil MacDonald once wrote about Scheer's promise not to impose his religious views on Canadians.

And was also sceptical. 

Canadians do have Scheer's word that despite his strongly stated positions, he would not as prime minister introduce legislation re-opening the abortion question or same-sex marriage. 

But social conservatives in the United States have used all sorts of creative schemes to impose their views on populations in states where they hold sway. You often don't need legislation to get your way. 

Canada's a different place, but a prime minister enjoys much broader power than a president. A little de-funding here, a little creative regulatory tweaking there, and you can accomplish what you want without big, loud, bothersome House of Commons debates.

And all I can say is what I have said for months. 

Andrew Scheer is a stealthy religious fanatic and alt-right extremist.

Anyone who would trust him is either a scummy Con, or out of their minds.

And this country will not be truly safe until he is forced to resign...


The tweet I used of Lynn Beyak turned out to be from a parody site. I'm sorry for the mistake, but since I'm sure Scheer and Beyak do share their beliefs, I don't think I'll apologize to them.


  1. Good job on the two top hat pics LMAO.

    1. Hi WILLY...thank you. I'm always looking for ways to try to illustrate Andrew Scheer's duplicity, since we can't count on the Con media to do that for us. Dimples has them totally bamboozled. Next, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde...🤔

  2. He threw a deck chair off the titanic. Bold move Mr Iceberg.
    Simon you do a great job of documenting the debauchery of the cons. However th big picture has prejudiced as meaningless. We rob banks becauase thats where the money is. We need to foucus on the 1%, thats equality, thats progression. Letting a trasgender choose a whasroom is picking the fly shit out of pepper.

    1. Hi Steve...Economic issues are important but so are the human rights of First Nations, LGBT Canadians, and other marginalized groups. Many other bloggers write about those economic issues all the time, but almost none of them write about the rampant bigotry in this country. Hate crimes are soaring, I had to delete three anti-gay comments so far today, and I will fight racism and other forms of bigotry until the day I die...

  3. Anonymous1:00 PM

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    1. Hi anon...if I wanted to read Don Martin's column on the meeting between Justin Trudeau and the Boyle family, I can read it myself, so I don't need to have you reprinting his entire column, after a post that had nothing to do with that fake story. I realize you Cons are desperate, but don't try to use my blog to advance your hate mongering propaganda...

  4. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Scheer is such a liar, nobody could ever trust him. I hope the media ask him what beliefs he shares with Lynn Beyak. Good luck trying to change his image after that.

    1. Jackie Blue4:07 PM

      Especially the part about supporting American-style gun laws. That's the last thing any country needs. There are too many nutcases roaming around Canada and signing up for hate groups as it is. Adding weaponry to the mix would be a disaster of epic proportions.

    2. Hi anon 3:30 pm...Scheer is without a doubt the sneakiest and most dishonest leader in modern Canadian history. He's a religious fanatic and an alt-right supporter, and we need to expose him so he can't fool more Canadians. Beyak shouldn't be a Senator and Scheer shouldn't be the leader of a Canadian political party...

    3. Hi Jackie....every time Beyak opens her ugly pie hole she makes an idiot out of herself. And the notion that we need American-style gun laws in this country, could only come from a Con moron. Does she not see what's happening in the U.S.? Did the horror of Las Vegas fail to register? What we need in this country are stronger not weaker gun laws. And if the porker Beyak doesn't like that she can always move to America, although I'm sure you might have something to say about that...😉

  5. e.a.f.3:47 PM

    Understanding both Beyak and Boyle's names start with B. I did think the post was about Beyak and her racism and Scheer's lack of response to it all.
    It is not good enough to tell Beyak to take the material down. If she puts up that sort of material, well it is free speech, but if the Conservatives want to come across as "tolerant" than they ought to simply have booted her out of caucus when she started all this over a year or two.

    Just who anointed her to be a Senator? Like what did they owe her because these types of comments just don't start out of the blue.

    Being seen as tolerant, in my opinion means you're tolerating something as opposed to embracing something. There needs to be a word some where between tolerate and embrace, something neutral.

    If voters ever decide they want to replace Trudeau, with Scheer, they might want to have a look at the U.S.A. to see how things turned out there. We have a medical system, but if it were defunded by the federal government where would we be? Scheer could defund quite a bit if he were in office.

    The Cons simply have too many people in their party like Beyak to make them government.

    1. Hi e.a.f...when I arrived in Canada as a boy the First Nations were one of the things that made this country seem so attractive and interesting. So imagine how disappointed I was to discover that so many were living in grinding poverty, and that there were so many disgusting white trash anti-aboriginal racists. If we let that kind of poison spread, we will end up living in a mini America...

  6. Jackie Blue4:04 PM

    And of course he hasn't fully "disassociated" himself from the Rebel either. Marshall is still his "IT guy," and now Levant has hired the atrocious Daily Fail shrew Katie Hopkins, the British version of Ann Coulter who once said that the final solution to the refugee problem is to just fire on them with gunships like they were an invading armada. I'm glad at least some people in Canada's press are finally bringing up that Scheer intends to crib from the American GOP playbook. Now that Bannon is imploding as a result of that new Trump tell-all by Michael Wolff, it seems Ezra's gambit to replicate Sloppy Steve's strategy and go from right-wing Internet kook to behind-the-scenes string-puller for Citizen Scheer is going to be an even biglier bust. "Sad."

    1. Hi Jackie ... I find it very frustrating that our scummy Con media still fails to see the ongoing connection between the Cons and the hate mongering Rebel. Hamish Marshall is the link between both extremist organizations, and if Scheer wants his party to become more Canadian he needs to fire him immediately. However, that Globe editorial was a pleasant surprise, and it should provide material for at least a dozen attack ads...

  7. yvonne4tn4:21 PM

    Simon have you read the tweet storm from @JakeREnwright the Director of Media Relations for Andrew Scheer?
    One of his tweets...
    "Timing isn’t interesting at all. We were made aware two days ago as per statement"
    And another...
    "We often do our most hush hush work with statements to the national press. Idiot."

    1. Hi Yvonne....I must admit I've never read Jake Enwright's Twitter feed, but I see I haven't missed much. He doesn't strike me as the brightest bulb in the universe. And if he's suggesting the Cons didn't know about Beyak's racist comments until just a few days ago he's wrong. There's a story out today from a man who claims that he alerted Scheer and company long ago. So it's just another example of Schmeagol being strangely unwilling to disassociate himself from bigots like Beyak and Levant. The man is a loser and should fire himself....

  8. Anonymous4:58 PM

    A bigot like Beyak should never have been appointed to the Senate. Scheer should have tossed her from the Con caucus after her disgraceful comments about residential schools. But as you point out he didn't because so many in his caucus are anti-aboriginal bigots. You can change the leader but you can't take the bigot out of the Harper Party.

    1. Hi I think I have made clear I agree with you completely. Stephen Harper appointed Beyak for purely partisan reasons. She never should have been made a Senator. And you're right, you can't take the bigot out of the Harper Party...

  9. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Large corporations do it all the time. They buy out a smaller business with a strong brand name, offshore the manufacturing to a lower cost & quality location while continuing to sell the downgraded product to the unsuspecting public at higher profits. It usually takes one or two product life cycles for the unsuspecting public to catch on, it could be faster or slower depending on how well the media is manipulated but in the end the brand name is thrown into the trash bin of history.
    In a moment of desperation the Conservative Party of Canada (est. 1867) off shored their brand name to the Reform-A-Cons in 2003. It took around 10 years for the general public to catch on. Its now another 5 years later and all that they have left is a perpetual sales campaign mainly focused on using public money to trash other brands -- "we may not be the same brand that you know and trust but the other guys are worse". Schmeragol and his tribe would do everyone a favor if they took their campaign to the street and focused on kissing asses instead.

  10. A note on Indians being lazy, as it seems a well discussed point in my area. the quote has it right, this quote I mean "When white man finds land, Indians are running it. No taxes, no debt, plenty buffalo, plenty beaver, clean water, women do all the work, medicine man free, Indian man spend all day hunting and fishing, all night have sex ..."

    "Only white man dumb enough to think he can improve system like that. "

    My point is that we as a society work long hours to make the wealthy wealthier, and feel gratified for the crumbs they drop from the table (look at how many Republicans in the US venerate Reagan and his trickle down theory). The Indian perhaps had it right years ago.

  11. Hi RT....yes you're right, the Reform chickens have come home to roost. Also it's important to remember what a slow motion car crash the Con leadership race was. Despite the large number of candidates the only half decent one was Michael Chong, and since he was in favour of a carbon tax he didn't stand a chance. In the end after some dubious voting Scheer was seen as the lesser evil, even though the reason he won was because he was supported by two of the most extreme social conservatives, Brad Trost and Pierre Lemieux. Scheer is in hock to those bigots, so nobody should be surprised by the way he is behaving...

  12. Anonymous7:54 AM

    If senators had any sense they would band together and strip Beyak of salary and benefits. Sense - is that a senatorial characteriastic? Not that I've observed.

    If Canada was as up-to-date as the UK which in 1911 stripped the House of Lords of the ability to stop bills passed by the Commons, the Parliament Act, then these ridiculous senators sitting on their arses doing bugger all and feeling superior about being the "sober second judges" of the commoners' laws, we'd be a more advanced country. And not subject to more of the whims of the elite than we need, thanks all the same to the Kevin O'Leary types out there dripping with empathy.

    Do I expect senators to do a damn thing about Beyak? Not on your nellie. They all want to sit around and suck on the public teat, much the same as Scheer and beyak claim aboriginals do. The difference is the senators are not living in reserves in the middle of nowhere, shuffled there by past governments so they don't "get in the way". They sit on red velvet seats and sleep and fart a lot between meals.

    This country needs to wake up. But the usual muddle of politicos worried that any precedent might affect their own remuneration and privileges stops them from doing so.

  13. Clearly if there is any justification for having some mechanism in place to get rid of idiotic embarrassments, this is surely it.