Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Scott Pruitt: The Roasting of a Climate Change Denier

When Donald Trump is finally driven from office and put on trial, I hope that Scott Pruitt, the climate change denying head of the Environmental Protection Agency, joins him in the box.

For the way Pruitt and Trump are gutting the EPA, threatens to poison our air, our Great Lakes, and even our food.

And their all out assault on Obama's plan to fight global warming is simply beyond belief.

And a crime against the planet.

President Trump, flanked by company executives and miners, signed a long-promised executive order on Tuesday to nullify President Barack Obama’s climate change efforts and revive the coal industry, effectively ceding American leadership in the international campaign to curb the dangerous heating of the planet.

Mr. Trump made clear that the United States had no intention of meeting the commitments that his predecessor had made to curb planet-warming carbon dioxide pollution, turning denials of climate change into national policy.

So I was glad to see that Pruitt was grilled the other day by Fox News' Chris Wallace.

And that after the interview was over, both left and right agreed that Pruitt had been destroyed.

“New EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt embarrassed himself repeatedly on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, who kept Pruitt on the hot seat for 14 minutes as he pressed to get past Pruitt’s paper-thin talking points,” Jeremy Symons of the nonprofit Environmental Defense Fund wrote for the Huffington Post.

Pruitt received an equally dismal review on Breitbart, which called Trump's new EPA chief out for having “sweated, stuttered, and floundered” through what ultimately was “an entirely needless concession to the enemy.” 

 “I just watched Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, get eaten alive by Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace,” columnist James Delingpole penned on the right-wing site. “Not only was it an ugly and painful sight but it was also a very dispiriting one.”

Just like his boss will one day be destroyed by the same issue...

For Trump can lie about everything. He can deny reality.

But climate change can no longer be ignored.

Those who deliberately sabotage our planet will be brought to justice.

And cannot be punished harshly enough...


jrkrideau said...

Fox News is actually dealing in facts!

You know the Pres and hangers-on must be in trouble. And it couldn't happen to a more suitable bunch of grifters H^H^H^, humanoids,

Anonymous said...

Hey how about an article about Susan Rice? Pretty big story.



Anonymous said...

My goodness, you are a bloody fool.

Anonymous said...

In the interview Pruitt did a major back flip by admitting human activity played a role in global warming through carbon dioxide and other atmospheric emissions. He tried to justify scrapping the Clean Power Plan by saying it was federal overreach,other countries were the real laggards and (crony) capitalism will benefit all Americans by striking the right balance between productivity/jobs and cost. Its easy to see why this position has angered the DENIERS who thought he was one of them as well as any rational person who believes if you admit its a problem a responsible government would take action.
Its likely the stunning reversal is the result of a growing number of lawsuits based on fraudulently denying the effect carbon dioxide and other pollutants have on global warming. As ExxonMobil and others have discovered total ignorance may be a defense but denial when your own scientific studies reached the same conclusions over a decade earlier is called fraud. Perhaps Pruitt hasn't jumped ship just yet but he is certainly keeping a lifeboat nearby.Hopefully attorneys like Eric Schneiderman and others will keep firing until they scuttle the SS Latrine.

David said...

Yawn... Unmasking is not the same thing as leaking. Rice was just doing her job.

David said...

The Trump White House is just engaging in their typical distraction in an effort to divert attention away from the growing amount of smoke between the Trump campaign and the Russians.
And where there is smoke, there is usually fire.


Anonymous said...

Interesting lead to the story :-)

Ok: Unusually hard-to-hit whiffle balls from Chris at Fox!

Wow! And P knocked them out of the park with an awesome Gish Gallop and nuanced distractions. He's a consummate politician with good survival skills whether you like him or not.

Anonymous 10:44 PM made the point quite a bit better.

David said...

The President Show