Saturday, April 01, 2017

Justin Trudeau and the Fight That Changed Canadian History

It's hard to believe, but it has now been five years since Justin Trudeau stepped into a boxing ring to take on the Con Senator Patrick Brazeau.

And although it was only a charity fight, and it lasted less than three rounds.

It was the biggest fight of Trudeau's career.

And a turning point in the history of Canada. 

When historians come to examine one of the moments that ended Stephen Harper’s Conservative government, they will not write of a speech such as Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream,” or of a moment such as Viola Desmond’s refusal to change from her cinema seat, or Gandhi’s protest march across India. Rather, they will point to Round 3 of a boxing match on March 31, 2012, when one man battered the other against the ropes so hard that the fight was stopped.

It was the Fight for the Cure, an Ottawa fundraising event for cancer victims where mostly businessmen, lawyers and real estate developers box it out. At the centre of this event were two politicians: Patrick Brazeau and Justin Trudeau.

And while I remember the fight well, I also remember that there were two losers that night. 

The hapless Brazeau, and the Con clown Ezra Levant, who was covering the match for Sun TV, along with his colleague Brian Lilley.

And who could not contain his blood lust, or his homophobia, or his obvious desire that Trudeau would be badly injured, or even killed...

Right-wing journalist Ezra Levant referred to Trudeau as the “Shiny Pony:” a rich, privileged kid who just did not understand the problems of ordinary people.

Sun TV was so certain that Trudeau would be defeated that it televised the fight nationally. The room was packed with Tory supporters and even Levant was there to see Shiny Pony’s downfall.

So I thought I'd make a little video, to remind people how Justin bucked the odds.

And how disgusting was Levant's behaviour that night.

Starting with the moment Trudeau was introduced...

You know, at the time I thought Justin Trudeau had been incredibly reckless, for just one lucky punch from Brazeau could have ended his political career.

But later I realized that like so many others I had underestimated him.

And the fight couldn't have had a better ending.

Levant and his sidekick couldn't have been more humiliated...

Sun TV soon hit the canvas, and never got up again.

The smelly bigot Levant was reduced to running a YouTube channel.

Trudeau went on to flatten Stephen Harper...

And I'm just glad I watched that fight.

For history was truly made.

And Canada was the big winner...


Anonymous said...

"The smelly bigot Levant was reduced to running a YouTube channel."

You mean a channel on it's way to a million subscribers? The guy with 30 staff on his team and counting?

Sounds like someone's a bit jealous their blog hasn't made much of an impact.

Enjoy your one bedroom apt while Ezra becomes famous.


Anonymous said...

I knew he'd win that fight, I've been a believer since he spoke at his dad's funeral.
Cons keep underestimating him to this day.

Anonymous said...

It certainly was a defining moment for Justin and for myself Simon. In light of that, I'd like to share this story.
I met Justin just before he entered politics while he was on vacation. He had to wait a couple of hours before he could go through the site where I worked so instead of complaining as most people would do, he kept his cheerful demeanor and was with me the whole time. He kept asking me a multitude of intelligent questions pertaining to the site. It was by far one of the most memorable engagements I've had with a visitor in my 15 years at this job.
When he was finally on his way he thanked me profusely for answering all of his questions. I might add he also has a great sense of humour and boundless energy.
I did not know who this likeable young man was until being told after he'd left and was pleasantly surprised by this. I'd heard the story's of him being born with a silver spoon in his mouth, privileged, etc. But here's the rub, he showed up at my site in what could best be described as a shitbox. He displayed no signs of being a spoiled rich kid and as I said was a pleasure to spend time with. Someone I could easily call a friend.
The pride I felt when he kicked Brazeau's ass that night was amazing. He not only made Levant and Lilly look like fools, he made every one of those shit slinging Cons look like fools as well. They thought he'd be pummeled and were salivating at the prospect of a bloodied and beaten Trudeau.
You would think that after underestimating him that night they would have learned a valuable lesson as any level headed person would have, but no they did not. When you're consumed with that much fear and hatred it is easy to see why the Cons are what they are today. A pathetic bunch of Trump wannabes who have destroyed a once respectable party.
Thank you for this post Simon. It brought back great memories for me and above all else, it was the beginning of the end for the most corrupt Prime Minister in Canadian history.

Simon said...

hi MC... you really are losing it aren't you? I don't blog to make money, like the greaser Levant does. It's just a hobby. Secondly, anyone who is a Levant groupie like you clearly are, needs to take a good hard look in the mirror and ask themselves who they are. For there is no Canadian more disgusting, and you should be ashamed of yourself...

Simon said...

hi anon...In the end I was very impressed with the way Justin held off Brazeau, wore him down, and then moved in for the kill. But I still shudder to think what might have happened if one of Brazeau's wild punches had connected. So please Justin don't do that again. Unless of course he can convince Levant to jump into the ring, because I'd pay to see that one... ;)

Simon said...

hi JD...thank you for that great story. I'm not surprised that Justin is a nice guy, I think it shows. It's what I like the most about him, and why I am so disgusted when some Cons and other freaks out there say he's another Harper. It tells me that they have no moral compass. I have no time for the grubby people of this world, I have always been attracted to decent people, as opposed to grubs like Ezra and his gang. And the only thing that could have made that fight better was if Justin had wound up at the end and beat the shit out of Levant... ;)