Friday, April 21, 2006

Running from the Red People

When I first saw these guys and gals I got a bit of a shock. I didn't realize they were dummies. I thought they were the dreaded red people. The ones who want us all to wear red on Fridays to show that we support our troops in Afghanistan. Although that does sound like a pretty dum idea.

But it wasn't until I got closer that I realized they really were dummies. Probably just another bunch of no-name candidates for the leadership of the federal Liberal Party. I mean, if Joe Volpe can throw his hat into this multi-ringed circus, anybody can.

Look I don't want you to think that I give a damm about the petty game of politics in Canada. I don't. I'm way above that. My kind of heroes are people like
this ace.

When it comes to politics I like to concentrate on the big picture and the big ideas, and leave the grubby details to others. I hate most politicians and find party politics and all the little fish who swim in it repugnant and boring. Yawn.

Nobody has ever given me a good reason to vote for them. The last time I voted for Jesus. Next time it will probably be Lenin or maybe even this guy. But is it only me, or do the Liberals need some kind of big time reality check? The kind you administer with a nozzle in the ass and a fire hose.

I mean here we are three full months after the election, and they are still running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Still trotting out candidates like dainty debutantes for some Big Red Ball. While Harper continues to campaign and prepares for an early election. And those Liberal idiots risk getting stuck with that dodo Bill Graham at the helm, in the middle of a stormy campaign. If they thought the last election was pretty rough. The next one will be a shipwreck.

And do they really think that they could ever win an election with that pompous capitalist socialist Bob Rae as their leader? With Rae they would lose Ontario. With Iggy they would lose Quebec. With Dion they lose everyone except Andrew Coyne. Does anyone seriously think that Quebecers would vote for a crusading centralist when Harper has promised them more autonomy?

Get real people. It ain't going to happen.

The Liberals are so fucked up that if they had the interests of Canada at heart, they would abstain from the next election. And let the NDP carry the flag for the kind of Canada most Canadians want. The porky Liberals are directly responsible for inflicting this neocon nightmare on the Canadian people.

They should have the decency to acknowledge that and throw their support behind the NDP. To champion the cause of Canada. While the Liberals retire to the barn, and take a good long time to cull the piggies out of their party.

Although I don't want to sound like I myself would vote for the NDP. Not until the day it presents itself as a government in waiting. Instead of some kind of vague feel good third force. But I might think about it. Some party has got to stand up for the kind of Canada we love. President Harper would turn us into a mini Amerika. By acting like his hero Chimp Bush. Or even worse into some crazy Christian place like Poland.

It's a fight we simply can't afford lose.

Because if we do my red t-shirt. The one I'm going to wear to support our troops.
Won't be just snazzy, it will be prophetic too!

Nice isn't it? I promise to wear it all the time.

Just never on a Friday.That would be too American.

Sorry Bubba. Until that next election at least.

This is still Canada.

Thanks. But no thanks...

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