Thursday, April 20, 2006

President Harper and his little wingnut helpers

I watched Stephen Harper's latest law and order speech in Winnipeg today.At least as much as I could. Which wasn't very much. The picture was turning green. Or fascist blue. If I had watched anymore I would have vomited. What can you say about a guy who wants to jail Canadian kids for smoking dope or having sex? And build more and more prisons to jail more and more prisoners like they do in his beloved USA. And accuses the opposition of being soft on crime. Just like Karl Rove, Chimp Bush, and his other neocon idols are always doing.

Wow. What a freak. This guy just doesn't get it. He still doesn't understand that he was narrowly elected as Prime Minister of Canada. Not as the fake President of the Northern United States.

No other Prime Minister in Canadian history has disgraced the office as much as he has, in such a short time. He promised open and accountable government and has delivered exactly the opposite. The least open and least accountable government Canadians have ever seen. As John Ibbitson wrote in the Globe today.

"Stephen Harper used to say one thing, and now he does the other."

Our phony president is making a mockery out of Parliament and our Canadian traditions. He is turning it into some kind of bizarre White House North. Acting like a tyrant. Muzzling everyone. Turning his own caucus into a bunch of cowed and clapping seals. His ministers don't know whether they are coming or going. Poor Peter Mackay. First he's dumped by Belinda. Then he throws himself at Condoleeza Rice. Only to have Harper make him his bitch. Make him look like a fool again. If Potato Patch Pete wasn't such a dumbo. he'd do the right thing and quit.

Don't these crazy yankee wannabes know we don't go down on Americans? Ever. Our society is way better than that crumbling nightmare down south. We've got fuckall to learn from them. We're proud Canadians. We love our beautiful country, and its values. We won't give it up without a fight.

I say if Harper wants to play chicken with his government, and risk an election over his fraudulent so-called childcare program, go ahead. Bring it on. A lot of things can happen during an election. These pathetic Canadian Republicans might get a big surprise. They might end up making Joe Clark's term in office seem like an eternity. They just might end up getting laughed out of office. Reduced to a mere blip in Canadian history. A nasty little bubble that just went pop.

Take the situation in Quebec for example. Where Conservative fortunes are already heading south. Quebecers may have been fooled once but they won't be fooled again. He promised them the world, but he can't deliver. He couldn't even save the Quebec Zoo.

All those poor animals suffering because of another broken Conservative promise. What a monster. Shame on him.

But it gets even better! I've heard that some Bloc people have been collecting a list of what some of those ReformCons have said about French Quebecers in the past. It's disgusting stuff. When that shit hits the fan, any support they had in Quebec will simply collapse. Oooh...I'm really going to enjoy that. Those dirty racist bigots, don't they know that Quebecers, like most other Canadians, are proud of who they are?

Then there's that centrepiece of Harper's plan to destroy the Canada we know and love. That disgusting piece of legislation known as the childcare program. The one that would hurt Canadian children and working women, just so our fake President can try to bribe Canadians into giving him a majority.

But now we know what that plan is really about. Just look who the Globe discovered Harper is counting upon for support.

"Conservative government officials have reached out to a coalition of social conservative groups in an effort to sway public opinion in the coming battle over the Tory daycare deal..."

These religious wingnuts who held that secret meeting don't really care about children. All they want to do is destroy daycare in Canada, and keep women at home. As well as whipping up hatred against gays and lesbians to try to put them in their place as well.

If you don't believe me just look at who attended that meeting. Or at the record of the woman the Tories called upon to organize that covert little get together. The hideous hatemonger Anne Cools. One of the foulest excuses for a Senator our country has ever seen.

Or how about the homophobic hag Gwendolyn Landolt?

The President of that wacko organization REAL Women of Canada. Ugh. Is that scary? Or just ugly? Or both?

Or the Canada Family Action Coalition. All you have to do is read this to know where these sickos are coming from. Or the Institute for Canadian Values. Yikes. Bush baby David Frum writes for it. Doesn't that Institute's name make you want to barf?

They may call themselves Canadians. But they are only pathetic lackeys of the American religious wingnut right. Our Canadian values include tolerance. Their American values begin and end with hate.

But you know what? That's the best news we've had for a very long time. I love it! Now we can frame the debate over childcare the way it should be framed. I mean I respect and admire those who have taken the time to closely examine the ConservaCon so-called childcare program. And expose it as the sham it is.

But I like to keep things really simple. For one thing I'm lazy. For the other they don't call me Simple Simon for nothing....

I like to keep it really focused. So it works on tv. So even the dummest of Canadians understand what it's all about.

So in addition to all these other good points like it's peanuts, it doesn't work, and no daycare spaces will ever be built that way..... I'd also like to see it framed as President Harper and the religious wingnuts against Canadian women and children. Crazy American values versus our beautiful Canadian ones.

That's why I'm not afraid of an election. And I'm glad to see others aren't either.

Go ahead Mr President.

Bring it on. Flap your feathers. Baby Bush.

Let's play chicken.

If you dare...

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