Thursday, April 27, 2006

President Harper and his Tory pimps

So now we know why President Harper has spent so much time on his knees blowing the Bush administration. So he could present this pathetic surrender document and call it a deal. I call it a steal or worse. When I saw Michael Wilson there today, I couldn't help but think that it takes an old Whory to pimp us out like that.

But can't they even get that right?

When it comes to the world's oldest profession the one that gets screwed usually gets paid. But not in this case. We got fucked. But we have to pay. A billion dollars of our money to some lobbyists in the good old U.S.A. President Harper and his yankee wannabes call that love? I call it date rape, butt rape, or treason.

But what do you expect from a government that is willing to sell out our dead soldiers in the name of cheap politics? They're capable of anything. Selling out our self respect means nothing to them. Anything for a deal. Anything for political gain. Will somebody please tell Harper to get up off his knees and stand up for Canada. If he wants to do that in private fine. But all this public lovey dovey has got to stop. The Bushies obviously interpret all that sucking and blowing and ass kissing as a sign of weakness. Why wouldn't they? Stop or we'll be fucked again.

But don't expect his supporters to deliver that message. They're too scared of Great Leader to do anything like that. All they can do is strap on their muzzles, clap their flippers, and bark. And keep themselves busy baiting natives and gays. And don't forget to read the comments if you want to know what the ReformCons are all about.

I guess it takes a Chimp blower to know one eh? Besides wasn't that the same dress Harper was wearing when he turned up for his first date at the White House?

What are we going to do with these Blogging witches? Since we can't burn them at the stake. And we don't have a roadkill posse in this country like they have in Florida. I guess all we can do is try to give them some dating tips and some good news. To encourage them to get a life.

Although I have a warning for them....

People who act like like racist, homophobic, rabid bitches usually have a hard time getting laid. All that icky foam and gnashing teeth tends to drive even redneck bubbas away. Although this guy sounds like a possible match At least he knows what to call them.

So it's not going to be easy. And it's almost certainly not going to be cheap.

But if we have to pay for getting fucked.

So can they.

Or putting it more bluntly.

If they Fark with us. We'll Fark with them...


  1. Oh man, we spend too much time thinking the same things. I just finished a post and came here and found the same thing.

    Great minds think alike, and I thought I was being harsh.

    You're totaly right about the date rape analogy. Some of us have seen it before.

  2. i live in india.. but the article is an eyeopener...chk out my blog..u mite like it n plz leave a comment