Thursday, April 06, 2006

Harper and the Homophobes --Part Two

I wondered where they were hiding. They had been so quiet for so long. I knew Harper had muzzled them. But I also knew that you can't keep a good bigot down. So I wasn't surprised when I awoke this morning and heard their hyena sounds. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. The homophobes are back!

I guess President Harper's religious wingnut base wasn't happy about his teeny weeny Throne Speech. Oh I'm sure they liked his plan to kill childcare in Canada, and keep women at home. But where was the part about wacking the fags?

(Sigh) Won't these wingnuts ever give up? And learn how to live and let live. We just have one life like they do. But despite the fact that polls show that a large majority of Canadians just want to move on, these hatemongers just want to keep on fighting.

And that means we have to keep on fighting as well. We'd rather not, but we have no choice. We're the ones who are being attacked. We're fighting these crazy bigots for our human rights. And believe me, we won't ever give up. Until we are equal, no more no less. And they get the fuck out of our lives.

But thankfully there are many decent Canadians out there who who will help us. By arguing the case more eloquently than I can -- and urging action.
Or just standing up bravely for what is right. We're going to need friends like that. Although, of course, if we have to, we'll deal with these tiresome bigots ourselves.

But that wasn't the only thing the rabid right didn't like about Harper's niftyThrone Speech ad. They were apparently foaming at the mouth because our President forgot to talk about his plans to scrap the gun registry. The one these armed rubes consider a Communist Plot -- along with chlorinated tap water.

Hey I love guns too! But registering them protects the lives of police officers. And sends a message about the country we are. We're the True North strong and free. Not a U.S. Mini-Me. Even the Americans know that.

But of course what we're looking at here is a rural urban split. Which explains why Harper had nothing in his so-called Throne Speech for Toronto. Just a few vague promises. But no funding for transportation or infrastructure.

You don't have to look very far in Toronto to see how the city's highways and roads are crumbling even as the number of cars and trucks using them continues to increase. And every year the air gets more foul. It isn't really Spring yet and already we've got smog.

But President Harper doesn't care about that. He wants to punish Torontonians for not voting for him and his Cons. The only city Harper cares about in Canada, is the rube mecca of Calgary. When the Globe's John Barber wrote a column about Toronto today, here's what one of his readers in Calgary had to say:

"As Maclean's magazine recently blasted from its cover: Move over Toronto, Calgary is the new centre of the universe. Toronto really doesn't matter anymore."

Oh really? I hate to disabuse this Cowtown fella. But he really shouldn't get his news from that increasingly trashy right-wing rag. And besides enough is enough. Our Eastern patience has its limits. Time to make one thing really clear. Even in its currently dilapidated state -- courtesy of Mike Harris and his neocon gang -- Toronto will always be more of a great city than Calgary. I must admit I haven't visited Cowtown in years. It's something I fly over on my way to a real city like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, and sometimes even Edmonton. But there's one thing I know for sure. New money can buy a lot of things. But it can't buy civilization or class.

Cowtown the centre of the universe? Must be all that hydrogen sulphide in the air.
Please..... Don't make me laugh.

Yup. The sad truth is that Calgary is too narrow and bigoted, to EVER be a great city. Yee hah cowboys. If you don't believe me read this.

Doomed to failure. I like the sound of that don't you? Holy chuckwagon. I'll flip a pancake to that.

Yes doomed to fail just like those anti-gay hatemongers that infest Calgary and the boorish nouveau riche province of Alberta are doomed to defeat. Long before the desert sands arrive... They'll have shot themselves in the foot. Killed off any chance of greatness Cowtown ever had. We miserable shithead fag loving Easterners will still be living in the centre of the universe. When they're riding camels over those barren dunes.

Those poor wingnuts don't understand that now. They can't connect the dots.

But with a little education and a lot of bruising punishment.

I'm sure they'll learn.

The hard way.


  1. I'd suggest you look beyond ancient stereotypes as your "proof" that Calgary is such a bad city. If you really think we're all cowboys, bigots, and Stampede-lovers screaming "yee-hah!" then you're even more out of touch with reality than I initially thought after reading through your post.

    In fact, such a poorly supported argument seems exactly like the one's you refuke and discredit in the first part of your post.


  2. Geoff

    Of course I'm not suggesting that everyone in Calgary is a wingnut or a bigot. I'm just stating that you've got more than your fair share of them. Way too many. If you don't believe me ask gay teenagers what they have to say about your city.Before you accuse me of being out of touch with reality....why don't you find out what's happening in your blood spattered backyard? Or are you part of the problem rather than part of the solution?

  3. I really do not want to have the issue of gay marriage brought back into the spotlight. It is well past time for people to live and let live and mind their own fucking business. I don't believe this is really all about marriage at all, it is about equality and recognition, and the bigots not wanting "those people" to have equal status. When it comes down to it, how can any rational person honestly believe that marriage between two gay people would have one fraction of anything to do with them? Truth is, it does not. I've had enough of the slander and bullshit from these "good christians" and do not want to hear any of their crap again. We should all be writing our MP's and demand that this idea be scrapped before they have a chance to drag our community through the muck again. Calgary? Not exactly gay friendly or friendly at all actually. I could care less if I ever see that city again.

  4. Since the free vote on gay marriage will not be a government bill by definition, it couldn't be in the throne speech. The Throne Speech covers matters the government is proposing itself, not those it will allow Private Members to do.

  5. Niles5:36 PM

    I wish everyone would stop calling a brain rotting revisitation of equal marriage rights (an enacted legal part of Canada) as a 'free vote'. It plays into ridiculous innuendo all around that somehow the vote that *counted* was criminally coerced.

    Newsflash. There was a parliamentary vote, by parliamentary standards. The bill passed. It's done.

    Canadians (at least the ones able to grasp the dead simple concept a federally mandated civil marriage certificate enables a couple to inherit in one legal move a busload of coupling necessities) have hugged their now entitled to be married neighbours and MOVED ON.

    My Canada cares more about the bad CBC coverage of the Men's World Curling Championship. (something all sexualities should unite on in protest!!!)

    I reiterate: If you declare an enacted Canadian civil right to be invalid and requiring a 'free' vote, there is nothing stopping the same tactic to be used against womens' suffrage and hatecrime laws, just to mention two situations politically proselytizing religious sects find inconvenient to their beliefs in this country. So what if they've been around as rights longer? They never got a 'free' dinner. Look what /they've/ done to the country's wellbeing and cultural fabric.

    Snort. And again I say. Snort. BTW, I live in the 'C' word. I will be getting my good Alberta Boot Company cowhides out on this matter.

    Keep in mind, all you naysayers of the city on the Bow, the howling resources gold rush here is bringing in the rest of the country to get in on the bounty. They're bringing their diversity and voting power with them. This place will never be the same as TO and I don't want it to be. We don't need cookie cutter cities. Just don't doubt even this place can change. Its own success will see to that.

  6. Good points Niles. I hate to admit it but I agree with everything you say. I think that success will eventually change Calgary. Put the religious fanatics on the sidelines. Make it more diverse, inclusive and hopefully one day truly great. I would celebrate that, and wish all the good people out there the best of luck. Besides the day that happens I can stop sticking up for this wretched city, and just go on and on about Montreal...

    P.S. Bad CBC coverage of the Men's World Curling Champpionship? I think we can ALL agree with that!

  7. Gee Simon, if I were you, I’d stay the hell away from Cowtown for a while.

    When I lived in Calgary I can’t say that the place was a thrill a minute. If you live downtown and you don’t have a pickup truck you find out that they roll up the sidewalks pretty early around there.

    It isn’t really that backward but it helps if you’re a part of the culture. If you’re not, you just have nothing to do.

  8. I am still waiting for the tanks to roll down Church st in Toronto to arrest us all. lol
    some of you leftie gay/queers get so hysterical over some things.
    As for Macleans being Neocon, some people near their brains testing, must be all that cystal meth.

  9. Hmmm...did I mention tanks on Church Street? I don't think I did. But now that you mention it it, I'm all in favour of that.Might shakeup those dizzy gays/queers a bit.They need it. I'm sure you know what I BTW neither did I call Maclean's a neocon publication.It's just an ordinary right-wing rag.Ken Whyte and his ex Posties used to be Conrad Black's Groupie Toronto Club.Now that they have been run out of the centre of the universe, they are just doing what comes natural. sucking up to and blowing the West. As for chrystal meth I've never tried it. What's it like? Although I warn you, right whingers really should stay away from that stuff. I hear it shrinks the brain. And cons of any kind can't afford that. If they lose any more I.Q. points we'll have to water them like plants...