Monday, June 02, 2008

Leaving Canada to Search for Hope

One of the things I love about biking down trails like this one is you never know where you are going to end up. Just like the journey of life itself.

How could I ever have known that I'd be leaving Canada to look for hope? In the once hopeless place I came from.

Because there ain't any here.

Stephen Harper's rotten Con government has brought this country to its knees.They act like loutish fascists in Parliament. Or like sinister Communists parroting the party line. They are trying to criminalize abortion, censor our movies, jail more kids, and condemn drug addicts to death. They are misogynists, gay haters, racists, Kyoto killers, oil pimps, death penalty supporters and Pentagon stooges. They have destroyed our reputation abroad. They are a foul stench upon the land.

But we can't do anything to get rid of them because the left is divided and weak. And until it unites into one party....or forms a coalition.... nothing will ever change.

So I'm going back to Scotland to see if I can help with this project.

Because a new country on Robbie Burns Day is now more than just a dream.

In Scotland the SNP government is acting like a government should. It's helping young people, and old people. It's standing up for the rights of women and gays. It's fighting bullying and feeding poor children in schools. It's against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It has declared Scotland a nuclear-free zone.

While here in Canada Stephen Harper's Cons are trying to make government a bad word, and turn our country into a jungle.

In Canada I'm not a separatist.

In this place I am...

Down by the bleak shores of Lochindorb ....the Lake of Trouble in Gaelic.... I can dream again of helping to build a new and better country. And figure out what to do with the next year or so of my life.

It's not easy leaving Canada. Because it's my country now. I love it with all my heart. Just like I love you know who...and all my friends.

But life is too short to live without hope. Some people can live without it. I can't.

So my journey begins. And it's a long one.

Here's a humble little video I made of my last trip....from Glasgow to my family home in a little town...or big village...on the northeast coast.

Scotland is a small country with big beautiful dreams. Con Canada is a big country where all dreams have died. A smugness that smothers, and a stench of pure right-wing evil that is stinking out the planet.

I wish it wasn't so. I'm so sad. I had such high hopes. But I gotta go now. S├ębastien is calling me. History waits for no one. And planes don't either.

Goodbye, au revoir, hasta la vista, beannachd leat !! Thanks for reading my blog.

It's been an AMAZING journey.

But where will it END?

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