Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gay Pride and the Wicked Witch of the Wente

Well I must admit it was a great way to welcome me back to Canada. The rainbow colours of the freedom flag shining from the CN Tower.... to mark Toronto's Pride Week.

I could hardly believe it. I left miserable Con Canada and returned to beautiful Gay Oz.Too bad it comes with its very own Wicked Witch of the Wente. To poop on the parade.

Yes, folks, it's that time of year again. Time to get out the feathers and the leathers and the nipple rings, and celebrate the wonderful diversity that is Pride Day.... There are transmen who prefer sex with men, ones who prefer sex with women and, for all I know, ones who prefer sex with budgies.

I really don't know what to say about this piece of homophobic garbage. What is that crummy old right-wing hack going on about? Has she even been to the parade?

And why does that batty Republican Con spend so much time obsessing about a transexual biological woman who got pregnant? Or trying to link gay pride to that AND budgie bestiality? Don't tell me I think I can guess.

But apart from the bigot batshite, what really floors me is this weird statement:

Many (actually, most) of my gay friends think it's all become a bit nuts. They're not transgressive - they're bourgeois. They're weary of the Pride Parade's tired clich├ęs - the campy drag queens, the naughty costumes, the celebration of sex, sex, sex. Yes, it mattered once. But now it just seems faintly vulgar. They're going to spend the weekend gardening.

I mean really. Since when did WEARY, BOURGEOIS, BITTER, and BORING become something to celebrate?

I wonder if La Wente takes these gay poodles walkies around her trendy neighbourhood?So they can pee on the For Sale signs. Or shit on their own kind for a pat on the head. Or a gourmet doggy biscuit.

Even as the hate goes on.

A large number of hate crimes, one out of 10,appeared to be motivated by sexual orientation, with most committed against homosexuals. That category had the highest quotient of violent crimes, with more than half of its 80 reported incidents involving violent acts.

Luckily MY friends and I make really BAD pets. We don't beg for straight acceptance. For us Gay Pride is a chance to stand up to the violent hatred directed against us, defy the bigots, and celebrate who we are.

As well as of course, a great excuse to hold a Great Big Party to which EVERYONE and straight or invited.

So we can all have some fun TOGETHER.

Which reminds me...

If the Wicked Witch of the Wente doesn't take her own advice and fly out of town on her broomstick this weekend. And instead decides to buzz the parade like a big old horsefly...and bombard us with her stinky droppings...I'll be forced to take DRASTIC action.

And douse her with my superduper supersoaker.

Just like Dorothy did...

Aaaargh.....@#%&!!! ....I'm melting !!!!! I want my SUV !!!!! Gimme a latte ... or a mud wrap !!! I need an ENEMA !!!!!!


Holy scarecrow. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could melt homophobia that easily?

Happy Pride Day everybody!!!

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