Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stephen Harper's Absurd Afghanistan Retreat

I have to admit that Stephen Harper and Hamid Karzai make a lovely couple. Like the Parson and the Peacock. Or the King and I. With Karzai playing the Yul Brynner role and Harper playing Anna....or Bush's Bitch.

Except in this version Anna has the money and the soldiers. The King of Siam wants them badly...especially the dough. And it's even MORE of a musical comedy!!!!!!

"I'm not here because of the polls. I'm here because it's the right thing to do."

Wow!! That is pretty funny. But not as funny as Karzai's line.

Karzai rejected the suggestion that any prisoners had ever been abused while in Afghan custody.

"Take my guarantee to the Canadian people on that," he said.

Which of course is absolutely hilarious.....But then this isn't really a's a farce. Just like it wasn't really a visit. It was a retreat.

A strange new pattern of Canadian political behaviour is gaining momentum - when under heavy fire, flee to Kandahar.

Even though these trips are costing taxpayers millions...and are nothing but cheap photo-ops.

The highlight of the first day was Mr. Harper visiting the same school where two of his ministers had already posed for pictures on separate visits.

The only difference seemed to be that Mr. Harper gave the students pencil cases to put into the backpacks handed out by Ms. Verner.

I guess the next time he goes there he can give the poor kiddies pencils.So when the parents take the girls out of school at the age of twelve, they can put the pencils in a cup and sell them in the streets.....if their 80-year-old husbands let them.

What a joke. Just like this doomed mission itself. A Prime Minister who talks about stabilizing Afghanistan while he and his ReformCons try to destabilize Canada with a Book of Dirty Tricks. Paralyzing our government like fascists or Canadian Taliban.

Stephen Harper. George Bush. Richard Nixon.. the Peacock and his corrupt cronies and warlords....and of course the filthy Taliban and a cast of millions of other barbarians as extras.

Hmmm.....maybe it really is time to turn the Great Little War on Terror into a musical comedy. Or a song... it's a work in progress....

But I bet that guy doesn't believe the lies and the crazy stuff coming out of the White House.

Just like some of our soldiers don't go for Harper's bullshit either.

Scores of soldiers began filing out the moment the prime minister wrapped up his speech, until an officer ordered them to "get back inside."....And as soldiers waited for Harper's address, one master corporal muttered within earshot of CBC correspondent Paul Hunter that the rally was "a waste of a morning...."

So much for Harper's Army....

Oh yeah...Great Fat Chickenhawk Leader can be sure of TWO things: One....our troops WILL be out of that hellhole early in 2009.

And two.....him and his sinister Bush-loving ReformCons will be gone LONG before that ...reduced to a heap of smoking lies. Brought down by a crazy war just like the Chimp and the Poodle Blair.

Woohoo! Who needs the fucking King of Siam ?

When we can have THAT show....


  1. Anonymous10:58 AM

    At least the PM is visiting our brave troops in Afghanistan.
    When is Mons. Dion going over?
    That should inspire the troops.

  2. ah yes, good ol' harper at ihis best! Video was wierd :P

  3. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Think thats weird, have you seen photo shoots of Dion? He needs a complete make-over.

  4. Hi anonymous...yes that's true even though it's just a pr effort...but Citoyen Dion in Afghanistan now there's a scary thought....thanks for the idea I think I can feel a photoshop classic coming...

    Hi Rashid!! yes would be funny if it wasn't so tragic. And yes the video was a bit weird...but I think it's good to show people how young the soldiers are and what a waste of young life this crazy war is.Besides I thought he was kinda cute :)

    And yes anonymous I agree Dion would be hilarious. On the other hand Jack, with his mustache would fit right long as he didn't take Olivia...

  5. bush=chimp

    i too think karzai and steve make a good couple. boreen is probably jealous, then again, maybe she's used to it by now.

    the world stage is indeed a strange place and we can all laugh at the hideous least to help us make it through. besdies, the last laugh will be on all these goofs anyways.

  6. Good post!