Sunday, May 20, 2007

Kathy Shaidle and the Tail End of a Rat

I have a confession to make. I read the Blogging Tories all the time, and I usually find it quite entertaining. Oh I's the greatest collection of moronic cons, yankee blowing traitors, religious wingnuts, climate change deniers, racists, sexists and homophobic bloggers in the whole of Canada. And I know I shouldn't ....but I just LOVE it!

Just like I loved freak shows when I was a kid. I mean where else can you find Monkey Man, the Bearded Lady (Small Dead Animals), Dr Roy, and the Blue Lemon all on the same page?

But I rarely bother to take these zombies on. It would just be a waste of time. And to be fair most of their stuff is crazy .... but harmless. Just a bunch of angry old white men typing away in their pyjamas.

But every now and then a turd surfaces from that blogging sewer that is so foul and stinky it just can't be ignored. Like the one the twisted sow Kathy Shaidle squeezed out today. (Scroll down to the one called Falwell & the MSM (and gays, and 9/11)

Some of it is just dum.

Gays had already claimed the purple puppet, thanks to the triangle on his head and his purse.

Huh? Oh yeah I can see it now. All those gay guys getting up at 6 am on a Sunday morning to watch the Teletubbies....

Some of it is just crazy.

Characteristically, gays were once again "reading" gayness into non-gay things (All About Eve, Johnny Guitar) while categorically denying the gayness of actual gays (like all those Catholic priests who molested teen and pre-teen boys -- never girls).

Wot? You mean the Nazi Pope ISN'T gay? Who the fuck is Johnny Guitar? And is the witch saying this latest outrage doesn't count?

Mark Falvey was accused of molesting four girls and five boys between 1959 and 1975 at Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church in Hollywood.

"One of his victims, an 8-year-old girl, tried to commit suicide," said the lawyer for the victims....

And some of it is the foulest kind of bigotry.

I know Shaidle suffers from a terrible disease that can do horrible things to your body and your mind. That's why I've never criticized her before.

But when she says the following she crosses the line no person should ever cross...and expect to get away with it...

There's a reason homosexuality used to be classified as a mental disorder.

Does she know what was done to gay people when they were considered crazy? The castrations, the electric shock treatment, the brain surgery? You bet that twisted nazi does. She'd like it to happen again.Who do you think is REALLY crazy? You be the judge.

Had I been Falwell, I'd have said instead: "For once, let's give homosexuals, abortionists, radical feminists, the ACLU and the People for the American Way a hand, everybody. After all, this is the first major tragedy in the last 50 years that they had absolutely nothing to do with..."

Wow! I don't know what else that old rosary rubber is suffering from....but it's clearly spreading to her brain.

Which is of course no surprise to anyone who has ever read her dreadful "poetry."

My red clown nose keeps plopping off.

My wig's from the Fat Lady's trash.

I do it for the booze, and it's a job, although I sometimes wonder

what it is God wants with me.

The only thing alive in me's the tail end of a rat.....

Ugh. Vomit. God wants with HER? The tail end of a RAT? Doesn't that just say EVERYTHING about her twisted mind. If that's poetry I'm Shakespeare. No wonder that creepy old homophobe is so terribly BITTER.

But even though I'm an atheist I'm more of a Christian than she will ever I don't want to be cruel. I just wish somebody would help her. For the sake of the Blessed Virgin who wasn't. For the sake of us all.

Will somebody........ anyone....PLEASE reach down between her legs, just behind her hairy balls, grab hold of the leathery tail....

And pull that nasty rat out of her hungry hole?



  1. There's a reason homosexuality used to be classified as a mental disorder.

    Interesting comment from the good catholic. "Used to be", no longer is, over 3 decades have passed, and she still refers to this? There is a reason why it no longer is...because it never fucking was in the first place! There is most certainly a reason why she will never wag the tail of god: there is no god, and if there were, she'd be at the end of the line and refused entry to his "kingdom".
    PS: I read their (blogging tories) bullshit too.

  2. Shaidl's usual style is simply to post a link and a quote to something utterly vile. It's rare that she actually ventures an opinion of her own: but when she does, it's usually an expression of the most un-Christian attitudes imaginable. Our own little LGF-style hate machine, armoured in her nastiness by the impermeable sense of smug superiority she derives from her peculiar interpretation of Catholicism.

    I've said it before, but I'd almost be willing to convert just for the pleasure of seeing her face on Judgement Day, when the gap between the teachings of Christ and her own hatemongering is revealed to her.

  3. Aha! Simon's Guilty Pleasure. Don't worry, I scan FD and the Socon blogs from time to time, they're almost always guaranteed to give me a good laugh. (I love the guy who says Contraception leads to Gayness. HUH?? Hahahahaha! Umm, right.)

    KS is like Hitchens' description of Falwell: a raving nutcase standing on the street corner selling pencils in a cup. It's difficult to take anyone like that very seriously.

  4. Hi Everyone!

    I don't know why I even bothered to write the post. I'm not proud of it. I guess it's because I recently read what Leonard Leaping Rabbit had to say about how they tortured gay men in South forcing them to be "cured." So I just felt really angry. But I'll try to ignore her in future. I saw her on a talk show the other day...and she was absolutely ridiculous. She would have made an excellent villain of a Mother a sinister Transylvania. :)