Thursday, August 20, 2009

Me, Barney Frank, and Rush Limbaugh's Anus

I have to admit that as a gay guy I'm not the biggest fan of Barney Frank. I find that grumpy old queen fussy, old fashioned, and conservative.

And the way he talks drives me batty. Especially when he goes on about how the gay youth of today are soooooooo IMPWATIENT.....or IMPWOSSIBLE.


But I have to say this was excellent.

So now I'm kinda proud of him.

And of course, now that the Christianist wingnuts are after him.

The first tape calls for gays to be executed.The second defames Barney.

I like him even MORE.

And after hearing that the Republican Porculus Rush Limbaugh is shitting bloviating on Barney.

"Isn't it an established fact that Barney Frank himself spends most of his time living around Uranus?"

Which is ridiculous because NOBODY knows Uranus like that pill-popping mama's boy.

Critics say that Rush Limbaugh likes to talk out of his ass. But that's only half the story: Rush can't stop talking about butt, either. It's too bad that Sigmund Freud's long dead, because Rush is the old shrink's dream patient, with an obvious diagnosis: Limbaugh has an anal fixation.

Limbaugh's tuchis talk is so constant, it doesn't seem to be just the joking around of a clown. (Is it mere coincidence that he got out of serving in Vietnam because of an anal cyst?)

All I can say is this:

Rush Limbaugh is a klown....and a PERVERT.

Barney is my newest gay hero.

Gawd. Isn't life IMPWOSSIBLE?

And because I have so many poor friends in that scary country.

I just want them all to know. Despite the hate, the madness and the looming Abyss.

I'm still TOTALLY gay for Amerika !!!!!


  1. Just as a totally unrelated sidebar, I Googled that nutjob pastor on the audio tapes, Steven Anderson, and found out that he's currently fighting misdemeanour charges stemming from his refusal to cooperate with a border patrol checkpoint.

    Apparently the K-9 unit alerted on his car, so he was asked to pull over so they could search his car. He refused, and they had to bust out his windows and taze him to get him out of his car. Now he's claiming police brutality and the violation of his constitutional rights.

    He even made a YouTube video showing off his stitches.

    What amuses me here isn't whether or not he might have a justified complaint - it's that if they'd tazed and beaten some wetback, you just know he would have been first in line cheering them on. And maybe getting in a couple of whacks himself.

  2. hi Jennifer....he was TASERED? OMG. What have I done to deserve such EXCELLENT news. Because I definitely want to do it again. ;)
    But I must say I'm not surprised. The foaming rage he works himself up into in that second tape is actually pretty scary.I think he's capable of violence. So if I was the border patrol I'd forget about the Mexicans and taser him AGAIN...