Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Harper Duffy Porker Show

I didn't check out Great Porker Leader's Economic Statement today to hear what he had to tell a Con rally instead of Parliament.

Because I knew it would just be the usual bull pig shit....

Harper did not make any new announcements, highlighting instead a long list of public projects.

With an annoying chorus of oinks and grunts.

No I checked out the rally because I heard that real journalists wouldn't be allowed to ask questions.

And I wanted to hear what kind of questions the Con hog Mike Duffy would ask.

Because I feared the worst...

But alas, I was only able to grab one lousy shot of him posing as a journalist, before the networks suddenly switched to coverage of the Swine Flu pandemic.

Which all things considered seems kind of appropriate eh?

But what now? Will there be an election? My heart says yes. Oh please send these piggies to market.

But my head tells me Don Martin is right.

So what to do now that the second in the updated series has been released? Big hint: No summer election.

Sure, opinion polls have lurched into the Liberals' favor by margins wide enough to dangle a potential minority government, but the update suggests enough deficit-financed stimulus is entering the system to prevent an election until the fall.

Damn. Although I do like what he had to say about Duffy.

That this new senator persists in being the most shameless Conservative shill in the Senate, after decades of alleged neutrality as a journalist, has tainted a once-formidable reputation beyond repair. As such, pretending Senator Duffy has the credibility to deliver a serious government message to former press gallery rivals was a total photo-op failure. Grade: D.

Because if the Cons can't figure that one out , it shows how clueless and sleazy, and above all DESPERATE they are.

Like these two PMO operatives watching Lisa Raitt perform the other day.

Which tells me all I need to know to enjoy my summer.

Sooner or later these piggy Cons will be trotted off to the bacon factory of history. And they know it.

Ham sandwich anyone?

With Duffy in the Con pig pen there should be enough for EVERYONE....


  1. CBC National news pointed out that all the bad news came from Flaherty and all the good news came from Harper.

    It's always been like that; let the
    ministers take the heat with the bad news and leave the good stuff for the supposed PM.

    I know another organisation that does that but I don't want to go into the politics of the Archdiocese of Toronto.

    Altogether, it was a toe curling, cringeworthy propaganda-cast.
    That and nothing more.
    If anything there were shades of the Bush elections and Harper should realise that he's got to stop attaching his agenda to the failures of John Howard and George Bush.

    But of course Harper is deaf to women, so he doesn't listen to God when She wants to talk to him. And we lose out in the process.


  2. This is an expensive game being played in Ottawa.
    No wonder people distract themselves with other affairs and lose interest in even voting.
    But your humour sustains interest.

  3. Hi know I didn't think the Cons could surprise me, but I have to admit this phony staged event still horrified me. How dare he ignore Parliament? How could he invite Duffy to be the MC? How can he refuse to take questions from real reporters about a matter of national interest? And pretend he was being "interviewed" by that porker.
    I can't believe how Harper has debased our democracy to a point where we take such behaviour for granted.
    You're so right about the last part. Sebastien tells me my expectations are too high. But we do deserve better NOW...

  4. The next election is not coming until this time next year, at the earliest. This is because, apart from a faction (albeit a fair sized one) within the Liberal Party, no-one wants to have one now.

    The NDP doesn't want one because they would be wiped out.

    The Bloc doesn't want one because they would lose seats and influence.

    The government doesn't want one for obvious reasons. They would win, but would come out of it with a weaker minority.

    The sensible Liberals don't want one because at best it would be a gamble that would still leave them in the opposition, and at worst would lead to a Tory majority.

    The other faction thinks that this is their best shot and that they should go for it and let the chips fall where they may. They are willing to bet that the government is sufficiently unpopular to lose. However, they are unable to get their way, because the NDP and the Bloc don't want to lose seats.

    The Bloc and The NDP would rather wait until the polls favor them, even if that were to lead to a Tory majority... They don't really care, so long as they gain too. If the NDP were to become the Official Opposition, and were to be a stone's throw from becoming the government, would they or their supporters really care if Stephen Harper and his Tories had just won a huge majority?

  5. Montreal Simon

    I heartily recommend your investigating the "Magna" budget from either 2002 or 2003. It was the provincial budget delivered at a Magna Automotive training centre in Brampton area. This Wikipedia excerpt under Janet Ecker will telll all.

    In 2003, Ecker delivered her provincial budget at an auto parts factory owned by Magna International, rather than in the legislature. The move was widely criticized, even by some members of the Progressive Conservative party. Despite her previous opposition, Ecker also re-introduced the private-school tax credit in this budget.


    This is what Harper more or less did yesterday--turned a major political event into a media circus.

    Some of the "players" were around then: Flaherty, Baird and Clement.
    Another "player" around then and now is Guy Giorno.

    I've said before and I'll say it again: We deserve better.

    Let's work to make it so.

  6. Wow, Benjamin... what a load of twaddle you posted. Remind me again, WHICH party is it that has *consistently* propped up the Harpokons by voting WITH them on EVERY confidence measure so far...? Wasn't the Bloc, and it *certainly* wasn't the NDP. It was the Dion Liberals, and then the Ignatief Liberals -- another gang of corporatist lackeys pretending to be "progressive".

  7. Hi Oemissions...I know it's easy to get turned off politics these days. And all I really want to do is ride my bike. But when I see these Cons making a travesty out of democracy I get so mad I'm prepared to sacrifice some of that rapture for a higher cause. As for humour...I do try to keep smiling... but it's hard...

  8. Hi I've told you many times you are one of the few Conservatives I actually like. And you usually make pretty good arguments. But I'm sorry to say this time you're allowing hope to replace realism.Check out the latest polls....especially the Nanos one. Harper is now a drag on his own party...just like I said he was. The only question now is whether there will be an election now or in the fall.
    And if an election is held soon it's the Libs who will get a minority not the Cons.
    And as for Harper getting a majority...Benjamin I told you ecstasy was bad for you... stop it IMMEDIATELY... :)

  9. Hi Torontonian...thanks for pointing that Magna budget story.I'm going to have to list you as this blog's research assistant !! :)
    But it is interesting to see all these Harris Cons buzzing around like horse flies. Especially Guy Giorno who hasn't made one good decision since he started running the PMO.
    But somehow Stephen Harper still loves him.
    I'm starting to think that the thug Harris is to our Cons what the hag Thatcher is to the Brit Cons and Ronnie Reagan is to the RepubliCons.
    Gawd. What a mistake. EXCELLENT...

  10. Hi 'berto....don't be too hard on Benjamin. He's my favourite Conservative..always pleasant and reasonable.
    But unfortunately too nice to see what the Conservative Party has turned into under Harper.
    And as you point out this case sadly detached from reality.
    I mean I hope he is...because if the NDP does prop up the Cons not only would I be very disappointed. But Benjamin will end up looking like a genius and I'll look like an idiot.
    Which as you can imagine would make me REALLY annoyed... :)