Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Excellent Day in the Great White North

(click pic to enlarge)

It was the day after the night before. You know Valentine's night. Ahem. And I slept in REALLY late. But when I woke up I found the bay was frozen, and some guy heading for the city in his ice boat.

Which doesn't happen very often. Every few years or so.

And made me think that maybe I should take my bike for a spin like this islander.

But then I thought about all the chocolates I ate yesterday...and my heavy clunker of a mountain bike. And decided that pedalling along the bottom of the lake might not be a good idea.

Because I don't have a frogman's suit. And I'm not going to borrow Kathy Shaidle's Frog Woman suit either.

So then I wondered if me and the furry beast might walk out to the ferry channel and wave at S├ębastien as he went by.

But then I thought after what we did last night, he'd probably be lying on his back in the cabin.

Heh heh heh...that'll teach him to be the older one.

And if he wasn't...and was on deck... Kerouac might jump into the freezing channel, and swim after him. Because he loves him almost as much as I do. Gawd.

Which left me NO alternative ... *sigh* ....but to pick up my hockey stick and join the gang on our brand new/nouveau Rink of the Lake.

YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know sometimes winter in Canada can be brutal eh?

And sometimes it's GLORIOUS...


  1. Thanks for this post and those great photos!!

  2. Hi Maudie're welcome. And I'm glad you liked my photos.
    It was such a beautiful blue sky day and I was quite pleased with the first one. Especially since I slipped and almost broke the camera...and my the process of taking it... :)