Saturday, August 16, 2008

Madonna, AIDS, Ricky, and Michel

I'm not a fan of Madonna. But so many of my gay friends are I've had to accept her as part of the family.

And when I read this story it really moved me.

Because it's such a sad story. And because it reminded of my friend Michel who also loved Madonna.

And also died of AIDS.

I can never hear Madonna without thinking of him. One of the last things he ever asked me he lay there in his hospital bed...was if I could make him a tape of one of her albums. He was so poor by then he couldn't afford to buy one. That's what those straight bastards did to him.

So for Michel, Ricky, and all those other gay men who died in a bigoted world. And all the men, women and children who continue to suffer and die tormented by prejudice and ignorance.

I think I'll play this song tonight...

If you ever wondered why I hate bigots and cowards so much.

Now you know.

Happy Birthday Material Girl...


P.S. The foul Cons are still embarrassing us.

How long can the shame go on?


  1. very moving, simon.

  2. Hi Scout ...thanks. I don't know what I'm doing writing about such depressing stuff...and the middle of summer.
    But after I read Joe's post, and the part where him and his friend wash their hands hit me like a lightning bolt and I just had to write something...