Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Hot Pride Day in Toronto

I don't particularly look forward to the crowds at Pride Week in Toronto.

I'm slightly claustrophobic, and Canada's biggest street party can be a bit intimidating.

And every year it just keeps getting bigger. More people, more acts, more commercial stands.

With .......just like the party itself....something for everyone....

But no penis suckers, pussy pops or jockstraps for me.

I just sat on a wall in the shade with a lemonade, watched the crowd go by and revelled in the incredible diversity of the gay family. The young ones, the old ones, the beautiful tapestry of races and colours, in every wonderful shape and size. They all seemed beautiful to me.

And as I am every year, I was especially moved by the sight of all the couples self consciously holding hands in public. On one of the only days of the year many of them feel safe enough to do that.

It's both amazingly wonderful and terribly sad. What straight people take for granted many gay people can't even dream of. Even in Canada.

But what almost felled me today wasn't the gay condition. It was the muggy heat.

I tried cooling off at this misting station...

But that didn't exactly work out.

Not just because the hot guys there made it seem like a gay bathhouse.

But also because HE decided to join me....

So instead of cooling down I practically MELTED.

And then there was the spot of bother with my bodyguards...

I had to fire the lot of them...for shamelessly consorting with.... *gasp* ..... straight women!!!!!

Yes it's true. I'm happy to report that gazillions of straight people and families and kids turned out to party with us today and it was BEAUTIFUL.

Although it was also kinda confusing.

For example.... I didn't really understand what this gay boi was doing going down on this gorgeous doll.

Until Farm Boy pointed out that she's not just talented and stacked....she's HUNG like a horse!!!!

Not that I would even notice something like that.

I'm more attracted to the quieter artistic types working away for The Cause...

Because I never forget what Pride Day is all about.

It is a Great Big Party. But it's so much more than that. It's about showing the world...and ourselves... who we are. That we are everywhere.

And that we will never stop fighting for our rights, and the rights of our brothers and sisters all over the world to live free from hate and bigotry.

Because our cause is noble and decent. And we are proud and beautiful.

Just like our freedom flag...

Tomorrow that flag will be carried down the hundreds of thousands of gay and straight people gather for the Pride Parade.

And Gareth Henry will be the international Grand Marshall. Gareth my Jamaican hero.

And I'll get a chance to cheer wildly as he goes by... maybe even shake his hand....and remember all my poor brothers and sisters in that homophobic country who can only dream of freedom.

Wow. Won't that be amazing ? Sometimes being gay is really hard....and sad.

And sometimes it's AWESOME...


  1. looks like a lot of fun happened down there...

  2. Hi Kai !!

    Yes it really was an amazing party. When you can get thousands and thousands of people into a downtown area, party like crazy, and nobody gets hurt it is something to celebrate.
    And it's great to see so many gay men out there partying instead of tending their gardens *yawn*
    What I tell everybody is this: if you want to get laid NOW is the time. Because when you've got gazillions of guys out there no matter how you look the scientific odds are there's gotta be at least a dozen guys who find you irresistible !!! :)