Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Halo 3, Gay Boy, and the Homophobes

Ever wonder what might happen if you went online to play the incredibly popular video game Halo 3....and used "gay boy" as your tag ?

Well now you don't have to because "gay boy" made a YouTube...

Aren't homophobic bullies even more disgusting when you can HEAR them?

Like every gay person has...but too many straight people haven't.

So some don't understand our pain and our anger ....and they marginalize or dismiss us as over the top when we try to fight back. And some think we should just shut up.

But we know better. As Federico Garcia Lorca, the gentle gay writer who was murdered by the fascists wrote:

"To keep still when we are on fire. Is the worst punishment we can inflict on ourselves."

So we won't.

The good news is that we're not alone. Although sometimes it seems that way.

The vast majority of Canadian parents see bullying as the most important issue facing students, according to a study by the Canadian Council on Learning.

A survey of 2,162 Canadians with children aged five to 24 conducted by Statistics Canada suggested almost half of Canadian parents have a child who has been bullied.

So what are we going to DO about it ?


P.S. Me to S├ębastien: " I KNOW blogging is not good for me. And you're right I probably SHOULD give it up...because it's just getting so crazy out there. And I know you want to protect me because sometimes it makes me so angry. And that's BAD. C'est con...c'est MALADE. But how would you rather I wasted my time online...blogging for a kinder gentler world ....albeit imperfectly. Or playing Halo?"

Heh heh heh. Sometimes I'm dum.

But sometimes I'm BRILLIANT...


Just not as brilliant as Rick Mercer. (sob)

Hey kids isn't that a great post ? It does get better.

There is hope...


  1. hahaha..... i concur with 'sometimes you're brilliant'.

    i've heard the anti-gay stupid homophobe talk too many times. i'd like to wash their mouths out with soap, like happened to us when we were kids and said rotten things.

  2. Never stop fighting, Simon, there are more people in your corner than you know. And there's nothing "over the top" about standing up for your rights.

    I'm glad you decided to keep blogging.

  3. I ditto what the girls say...you're an amazing writer and treading into the cess pool of Aaron Unrah and small dead brain cells, hell, any other blogging tory, takes guts. Don't give up your writing, I read your blog just about every day. Cheers.

  4. From last night's Rick Mercer Report...


  5. yea, bad idea if you wanna seriously game and be openly gay!

    keep on blogging and fighting simon, for the rest of us who can't do it for ourselves. (that's why i decided to blog about the environment instead ;) )

    but don't push yourself, I know I won't blame you. Although I will be very disapointed.

    Lots of luves and hugs,


  6. Cheers to "Gay Boy", holy shit, that's a lot to take on.

    The vast majority of Canadian parents see bullying as the most important issue facing students, according to a study by the Canadian Council on Learning.

    So why don't teachers and school administrators? I remember asking the same question 35 years ago, not much has changed in those school halls over the years.

    And yeah, I know how much you love Sebastien but maybe sometimes you shouldn't listen to him, you do a good thing here. He's probably just tired of you fretting over your blog.

  7. Hi Scout!!! well.... actually...um...only when I come up against a guy who makes me feel like I am ... and pretends my arguments are convincing ... just because he loves me. The silly sap!!! :)

    As for the homophobe talk the worse things is it's so CASUAL and it's so EVERYWHERE...

  8. Hi JJ!!! Oh don't worry I don't think I could ever stop speak out about stuff that bothers me like bullying...whether it's aimed at kids or seniors.
    I see bullying as the building blocks that fascists need to turn our society into a jungle. So it's just self preservation!!! :)

    But I was REALLY encouraged by that poll...almost stunned...I wanted to frame it and put it on the wall...it was such good news...even though it's also bad. But now at long last it's been identified as a problem...so hopefully more can be done about it....

    And thanks for all your support JJ...you know how much I admire you... so it means a lot.

    Oh yes...I DID agree to blog less. But only because my buns are getting too flabby!! :)

  9. Hi Waterboy!! and thanks... you've always encouraged me right from the start. And as I mentioned above I don't think I could quit blogging...unless I could think of something better I could do for our cause...and right now I can't...and every gay voice DOES count.
    But I do need to get away from the computer...I do spend too much time on my butt surfing the net or blogging.And it's not just my butt...it's my brain. I can't afford to lose anymore brain cells...or I really will be dum!! :)

  10. Hi RB!!! Thanks for that GREAT link to Mercer. I added it to the end of this post. Rick's post is a beauty. I can't help but be slightly bothered by the air of resignation...you know accept it and survive. But it's an extremely human and real approach and from a child's point of view...hope is EVERYTHING....

  11. Hi Rashid!!! We must ALL keep fighting for our rights and the rights of others. We have made great progress...but others aren't so lucky...and we have many enemies. And you have done a lot to speak out for our cause...and let people know what it's like to be young...gay...and Muslim...coz every voice counts. So you shouldn't give up either. It's good to fight for the planet. No planet...no gay rights..no nothing... :(
    But never forget to stand up for who you are...

  12. Hi Bruce!!! yeah he's definitely braver than me...sharing a game cave with some of the fanatic gamers out there is not something I would recommend.
    And I know what you mean about how bullying has been a known problem for eons but not enough was done about it. Still I think that the message is finally getting through and that if the MSM makes it more of a priority so the politicians and school boards have to pay attention we might actually get somewhere.
    Or maybe I'm just suffering from optimism...

    As for Sebastien he only cares about if I'm happy...and compared to my...um...turbulent past. My blogging is probably about as bothersome as canoeing... :)

  13. Adam Clarke3:20 PM

    I don't think that like they're that due to your sexual orientation i think it's just that americans don't like people who are different to themselves. I'm english and all i get off them is;

    'Awwww dude you should go and have some tea and crumpets!'

    The rest then commence with bad impressions of the english accent.

    I've heard one middle eastern guy get accused of terrorism over xbox live and that he spent his spare time blowing up Innocent Free loving americans... I thought it was quite clearly obvious he spends his time on the xbox.

  14. Hi Adam!! I know what you're saying...some of the gaming freaks out there are just WANKERS period.
    You just have to read the comments on YouTube to see what reptilian minds are out there.
    But I thought it was interesting for people to hear the sound of anti-gay bullying...and how it sounds the same as the same jerks you might come across in a school yard or a mall.
    BTW I hope you tell those yankee wankers to fuck off....or shove a crumpet (yummy) up their arses. I'm half English so I would!!!! :)