Friday, October 26, 2007

Dust My Broom Bites the Dust

Uh oh. Call Sherlock Holmes or the dog food detective Steve Janke. Someone has taken down Dust My Broom. Or so the redneck bigot that runs that site would have us believe.

Thanks to those who put in the extra effort to take us down, you know who you are.
We'll be back.

Yikes!!. That's scary. Who knew a picture of a guy sucking another guy's cock could BLOW a gay porn site?

Or did it?

Hmmm....let's line up the likely suspects:

(1) THE GAY AGENDA: Possible but unlikely. I say possible because I've never met it so who knows WHAT it could do. Unlikely because why would it want to take down a post or a site that so clearly demonstrates what crude, no class pigs so many homophobes are? With enemies like that who needs friends?

(2) MONTREAL SIMON: Impossible. (sigh) I'd like to think I have so many millions of readers that when I directed them to the Dust My Bitch site it collapsed like a house of rednecks. Or just melted a big steaming heap of human shit ...under assault by millions of hungry flies. But wish.....I REALLY wish...but.....NO. (sob)

(3) STEPHEN TAYLOR: Possible. Somehow I don't think that the Stephen Harper Party's Online Propaganda Chief would have been too pleased to discover a picture of a cocksucker on his Blogging Tory website. I suspect Great Fat Leader would have been VERY displeased. It's bad enough that the Liberals are trying to portray him and his thugs as crooks. But to be seen as gay pornographers would be even WORSE.

(4) THE BIGOT DARCEY : Very likely. You don't think that after sobering up and realizing that he had exposed HIS dirty parts in public...and that even Dr. Dawggie wouldn't be visiting his nasty site again (we can only hope)....and not having the guts or the decency to apologize....Darcey himself decided to knock the offending post off the net before it could do him any more damage?

You don't think he took down his OWN site.....blamed that on others.... and tried to make it appear like he's a "Free Canadian" MARTYR....instead of a creepy redneck and no-class booze and glue homophobe?

I do.

But of course...I would be delighted to be proved wrong. Since Darcey seems to know who did the dastardly deed why doesn't he TELL US?

Yup. I thought so. Nothing. Nada. Just the silence of the loons. know Watson I don't think the Dust My Bitch site melted down at all. I think Darcey did.

How sad.

How predictable.

What a LOSER.

Cue the song....


The bigot is back. Now we wait to see whether he has learned his lesson.

I hope so. Because to fuck up is human.

And EVERYONE deserves a second chance....


  1. Sometimes I wish I could say there is a god.

  2. I don't think that the Stephen Harper Party's Online Propaganda Chief would have been too pleased to discover a picture of a cocksucker on his Blogging Tory website.

    At a certain level its unavoidable, since it's not easy to go back and cull every photo of Scott Brison.

  3. I wish I had a trombone so I could do that "wah wahhhhh" thing really, really well. :)

  4. I don't understand why he took the blog down. Why not just deep-six the picture? Hmm.

  5. I still don't get it, why'd he have to take the blog down?

    I have to admit, I don't know much about DMB -- I've only been there a few times. They seemed like kind of friendly-type guys, esp. for conservatives. Not?

    I guess it's one of those things where ya had to be there.:p

  6. only darcy's hairdresser knows for sure :D

  7. Hi Bruce!! Well it's just as well you didn't ...because it was a very small blessing...or a very short one anyway... :)

    Hi Feynman....please don't be so literal. I mean guys actually doing it like the two guys on the Blogging Gay Porno Tories. I mean Brison may do it...but I can't imagine it...

    P.S. wouldn't you LOVE to know what Stephen Taylor told Darcey?

    Hi Jay!! Oh yeah.. isn't that song GREAT!! Unfortunately that version of Kool and company playing in Las Vegas expired on me tonight (which I find happens a lot on YouTube these days) so I had to replace it with another not so great one. On the other hand this one goes to black near the end so it kinda fits my post better!! :)

    Hi JJ!! I figure he took it down...although he blames others...because he realized he had made an ass of himself....and wanted to limit the damage. As for the blog itself most of the stuff as I said is harmless if somewhat crude, xenophobic,and Bush right-wing dum. But like some kind of volcanic eruption every now and then he lets forth with the most violent anti gay stuff I have ever seen on a Canadian blog. That's another reason he may have taken his blog down...because he knew I had gone through his archives to find the stuff I was looking for...
    I wonder whether any of those posts will still be there? Luckily I copied them... :) I hope Darcey has learned his lesson...because redneck blogging should be part of the Great Canadian Blogosphere. But if he can't control his violent homophobia...he'll get his education the hard way...

  8. Simon, it was only after I posted here that I saw the quote from DMB in your previous post. Yeah. Totally uncalled for. I see your point.

  9. sassy9:45 AM

    I was not familiar with Darcey’s blog until I read this posting Simon.

    For me, the short of what has transpired at this blog is that DARCEY does not seem to understand, (or is perhaps too proud or embarrassed to admit) how offensive his posting was and WHY.

    The new version of the blog seems to be angry/defensive and unwilling to consider. This is unfortunate as, as uncomfortable as it might be to make an honest effort to try to understand WHY he offended, he reacted defensively (see blog title) did not acknowledge events – thus missing out on a learning and growing opportunity. (Hey, I also plead guilty of the crime of missed opportunities - simply because I did not recognise them at the time – good news is that life presented me with others which I seized)

    That is not to say that he is will not be capable/ready for honest reflection sometime in the future – possibly just not yet and, not on this issue. Only he knows from where he comes and why.

    Perhaps he will never get to here. I suppose that it's maybe too long of a journey for some people to travel in one lifetime, not necessary to embrace different points of view but at least to respect them.

    Oh well, life is not a dress rehearsal. I certainly do not have the right, qualifications or desire, to direct Darcey or anyone on how to perform.

    Just attempting to contribute to the collective wisdom, that’s all.

  10. Hi Sassy!! Neat comment. As you know I like to read a wide cross section of blogs because I'm genuinely interested in other points of view...and what people in other parts of Canada have to say. Even if I don't agree with them. And I am prepared to put up with the usual infantile homophobia of the right. But not when it becomes violent.Because I know too much about violence and it's not nice. But as I said there are some things about Darcey's blog that I like. And I am prepared to give him a second chance. But not a third one...There is a bloody line in the sand that nobody should cross...and he crossed it...

  11. Hi Simon,

    Seems Darcey had changed his title banner back to the blog name and, taken off that silly poll he had on his sidebar a few days ago :) Nice changes.

    Violence - I can't even watch it in a film, and cringe and shudder at any thoughts of it.

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