Saturday, October 20, 2007

Canada and the Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

I must admit I roared with laughter when I saw that fifty-one percent of Afghans think their country is heading in the right direction.

"There's no consensus. It's not everyone who has a positive view," said Keith Neuman of Environics. "But more often than not, people feel that things are better than they were."

Even though they're not.

Afghanistan's defense minister asked on Thursday for more money and equipment to fight soaring Taliban violence as America's Pentagon chief criticized NATO allies for failing to deliver promised aid.

That rising violence comes as NATO commanders say they still face shortages in troops, trainers, helicopters and other equipment needed to fight the war.

If that's better..... what's worse?

But then most Afghans don't even know we're there.

Even in the south of the country, where Canadian forces have lost most of the 71 soldiers who have died in the country so far, 90 per cent of Afghans polled believe it is the United States that is trying to protect them.

So what the fuck do you expect? Do you REALLY think you can carry out a proper poll in a country at war where most people fear both sides...and are just going to tell pollsters what they think they want to hear?

And not just any ordinary country either. A barbarous and corrupt Islamic Republic, where men are hanged for adultery, women are second class citizens and jailed for running away from their designated husbands...if they don't burn themselves first. Where gays are jailed for being gay. People are tortured for anything.

And the dancing boys of Northern Afghanistan are the life of the party.

Young boys are being sexually abused in Afghanistan in line with a tradition where they are bought by older men to dance at parties.The practice of "bacha baazi", meaning "boy-play", is enjoying a resurgence in the North of Afghanistan where ownership is seen as a status symbol by militia leaders.

Dancers, known as "bacha bereesh" or "beardless boys", are under 18, with 14 being the "ideal" age. Owners or "kaatah" meet at bacha baazi parties in large halls where the boys dance late into the night, before being sexually abused.

"Some men enjoy playing with dogs, some with women. I enjoy playing with boys."

"I am married, but I prefer boys to women," he adds. "You can't take women with you to parties in this region, and you can't make them dance. These boys are our prestige."

Unless of course they don't perform...and then they beat them like dogs...or their wives.

Hallah allah hallellujah. The Islamic Republican of Assghanistan.Where half the population thinks things are looking up .....from the bottom of the 14th century. While the other half probably wants to kill us....if only they knew we were there.

And to make matters worse many Canadians STILL believe it's about reconstruction.

Even as the Americans bomb the shit out of the place.....

And they're on OUR side too...isn't that inspiring? Bringing civilization AND homophobia to Afghanistan one bomb at a time.

But wait... Isn't taking homophobia to a backward Islamic Republic rather like taking idiots to Ottawa?

Or bringing civilization to a place like that a waste of time...unless you've got 1500 years to spare?

“Things won't change,” says the soldier who has served previously in Bosnia and Haiti.

Citing the corruption in government and the Afghan national police, and the fierce tribal rivalries that divide the country, he believes Afghanistan will fall back into chaos and civil war whether Canada leaves in 18 months, four years or a decade from now.

And don't you love what that U.S. marine said?

“When the Canadians are attacked, they worry about civilian casualties. When we're attacked, we hunt them down and kill them.”

So much for our great NATO mission. Will someone please remind me what we're doing in that backward hellhole?

Because sometimes I forget...


  1. So we shouldn't have troops in Afghanistan...why again?

  2. they give us the numbers but fail to provide how many afghanees were polled...not 100% for certain. more like those livining in the cities who benefit from hospitals, orphanages etc. (they're not going to build them in war zones). can we guess a couple of hundred were polled with the pollsters accoompanied by militia?

    seems to me the death tally lists what the soldier was doing at thte time (engineer corp., building a bridge) etc.. if you look at britian's count 80% is from friendly fire.

    as for the bumfucking old men, amazing how the strife has shifted things back to the old ways. so will it be some form of democracy or a form of sodomy that takes over the people?

    there is such a thing as democracy that provides more then just voting rights for people.

  3. Violence is up in Kabul. That's your proof of success right there, supposedly...

    Scout - the numbers polled was around 1700 to 1800, out of a population of what...31 million? Talk about a representative sample...

  4. Actually they polled over 1,500 Afghans, which is considered to be a good average in the census world. I’m not sure how many of the numbers that were polled were actually able to be polled as if they had a telephone or a computer. I’ve conducted polls before and they are really dependent on who you can contact. That establishes your demographic right away, only the ones who can relate to us.

  5. and we don't know the exact wording of the poll. that can shift results too.

  6. Hi Aaron...I have explained it before but I'll try to sum it up in my next post. Then you can criticize me if you want. Just please don't use that old worn chestnut of I don't support our troops...because if you knew how ridiculous that was even you would laugh...

    Hi Scout...I admit I'm no expert on polling but this one seems dubious. Did they just visit the safe places. And if they visited the other ones didn't they need guards? And if they did wouldn't that affect the answers? And although we have made a small differnce all of it will be swept away as soon as we leave. And how long are we really prepared to stay. Decades? I don't think so...

    Hi Jay!! You know thanks to our rotten media there haven't been any stories, as far as I know, about how Kabul, the "Green Zone" of Afghanistan is becoming a far more dangerous place. And the roads outside the city are practically no-go zones. To get the news from Afghanistan I have to read the British or American press. What a crumby situation...just little this little war...

    Hi Bruce!! I can't imagine how they could get a representative view in a country full of feuding tribes...and where what the chief or the war lord...or the mad mullah says goes. I can't imagine how the afghans who have repelled one foreign invader after the other...would suddenly change their minds and say they like being occupied.
    But you know I do feel sorry for the Afghan people and I do want to help them. But we need to work for some kind of negotiations rather than pretending we can win a military victory. And then make sure they get the aid they need.