Monday, July 23, 2007

The Great Canada-Chile Soccer War

In case you were wondering whether my last stoopid post meant that I had finally lost it can relax. The only condition I've been suffering from is too much summer... and of course too much soccer on my mind.

All the boys in the bunker LOVE soccer...outside AND inside. I've had to put a barrier around my computer because it isn't uncommon for soccer balls to come whizzing into my bedroom.

So when Canada officially became a banana republic by having a soccer war with Chile it was huge.

And ridiculous. The truth is the police were right to intervene because of the disgraceful way some of the Chilean hotheads behaved at the end of the game.

But why did police stop the Chileans from greeting their fans? And how could they use pepper spray and a taser on teenagers who are soccer players not criminals? When I saw the picture of the Chilean kid with two taser holes in his side it made me really angry.

But all that was forgotten when the best team won the championship.

I felt sorry for the Czechs, but I spoke to this VERY friendly Czech player after the game and he was just fine....

(click to enlarge)
As he signed autographs for Argentine fans...and got ready to PARTY!!!

As for the Chilean players...they got some of that lost honour back by winning the bronze....and they finally got to meet their adoring fans.

And pose for pictures with them

Argentina's fans got to greet their returning champions

And the best thing is Argentinian-Canadian and Chilean-Canadian fans got to celebrate side by side...

There wasn't a single ugly incident...police just let things happen...and everyone went home happy.

So much for the Great Canada-Chile Soccer War....

The only disappointing thing for me was that the war didn't break out when Great Fat Leader was visiting Chile.

So an enraged mob could have greeted him everywhere he went with a barrage of insults, eggs, grapes, enpanadas, and the odd papaya or two.

Instead of just those colourful signs: "Fuck off Harper-Crite!!! Tu mama es una llama!!! Go home you hijo de puta yanqui gringo pig!!!!!"

(sigh) I know you can't win them all.

But wouldn't THAT have been fun?

As for the day all of us in the bunker live for....the day that Canada becomes a soccer power....I'm counting on this little Canadian...

Hope springs has to...we're THAT bad.

Oh more thing.... I promise to get back to posting about SERIOUS subjects. (yawn)

As soon as it rains...


  1. football *ahem* is serious, Simon.


  2. you want rain...the wet coast is waiting!!!

    what mr. scout and myself found most interesting about the chileans filing for police brutality against canada is we grew up with chile ruled by augusto ruthless. my how times change.....canada now gets charged. a good statement on the harper regime, me thinks.

  3. is that u in the first pic?simon?

  4. Hi Jay!!'re right...about football I mean. I said football for years...just like to-MAH-to. But I finally gave up :(

    Hey Scoutie!! Yup it is kind of ironic isn't it? Chile complaining about Canada's police brutality. It says good things about the Chileans I guess...and awful things about us...or our "New" but rotting government...

    Hi Ur!! Nah...Of course not...I'm gay...would I wear socks like that??? You're going to have to wait for my swim suit issue. I'm planning one just for YOU!!! :)