Thursday, July 12, 2007

Canada, Sex, and the Ooh La La Europeans

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So I'm lying on the beach naked watching the para-board boys getting ready to skim across the waves. And what with the sun, the sand, the sails and the buns....suddenly I start thinking I'm back in the south of France.

And I remember how this gorgeous chick came over to me out of the blue azure...and asked me if I'd like to come over to her beachside apartment to cool down and then warmup...... with her....AND her para-boarding boyfriend.

Which of course I accepted. I'm no fool. I may be a 100 per cent red blooded and proud GAY guy. But when it comes to strictly recreational sex....I'm

Which of course is NOT the kind of flashback to have when you don't have any clothes on.

And you don't want to get TOO sunburned...or ARRESTED.

But luckily that Frenchy flush didn't last too long. I came down to earth with a sickening thud. Because let's face it folks...whatever Canada ISN'T France or Europe.

If you don't believe me....check out how the European Union is promoting its film industry....

Oooooh LA LA....See what I mean?

Isn't that the most European thing you've EVER SEEN? Even the fried egg was trembling with passion.

Can you imagine OUR dull, plodding, religiously anti-sex government putting out ANYTHING as wild and wicked as that?

Not a fucking chance. Harper and his creepy SoCon seals are determined to make us as BORING as possible. Even though we're working REALLY hard to make Canada as cool as we can.

Too bad Great Fat Leader wants to throw us all in jail. Too bad about the sexy stuff too. I can't help feeling that those Europeans are GETTING MORE than us. Damn.

Although a little bit of New France is coming home to me soon. Long live THAT ooh la la...Vive la difference!!!

In the meantime.... I must say para-boarding does look like FUN....


  1. hahaha....oh thank you simon, i needed a good laugh!!!

  2. Niiiiiice ;) Oooh la-la!