Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why Religious Schools Should be Closed Down

In my post yesterday about the problem of anti-gay bullying in British schools....I left out something really important. Something that could save the lives of countless Canadian children.

I forgot to mention that other Simon's story. Which is a sad and brutal one.

"Even in class, people would say: 'Shut up, gay boy', but the teachers wouldn't do anything. When I lost my temper and flared up at them, I would be the one who got in trouble."

Eventually, he was assaulted in the local park in the presence of fellow pupils. "I was attacked one night by some 19- to 20-year-olds. I had a burst blood vessel in my eye, a black eye and a burst lip. I nearly fractured my cheekbone and they almost ripped my lip piercing out."

But I also forgot to mention something even worse....if that's possible. The fact that according to the study, the worst and most vicious anti-gay bullying happens in religious schools.

The situation is particularly bad in religious schools, according to the report. Stonewall calculates that three-quarters of gay pupils in faith schools experience homophobic bullying, and they are less likely than pupils in other schools to report it.

Isn't that disgusting. So much for these hatemongering hypocrites. So much for Jebesus. So much for religion in the classroom.

But if you think it is a British problem...think again. These religious freaks are crawling like bugs all over our Canadian schools as well.

Fighting any efforts to make schools better and safer places for gay,lesbian, bisexual and transexual children.

“Christian anthropology teaches that we are created male and female—it does not teach that we are created gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered,” said COURAGE.

“Subjective feelings, thoughts and struggles, while real, do not translate into ‘identity’. Also, these particular labels are often associated with political causes which are incompatible with Catholic moral teaching.”

Can you believe that? These christofascists would put their barbarous and inhuman ju ju monkey ideology before the lives and interests of real Canadian children. As if they haven't raped enough little boys or little they want to destroy gay kids. Or make their lives hell.

Homophobic bullying has a traumatic impact on young people. More than a third of gay and lesbian pupils do not feel safe at school and the vast majority say it has adversely affected their school work. Half of those bullied said they had skipped school as a result.

I don't know about you but I think it's time decent Canadians told these monsters where to get off. Told them to keep their pervert hands off our kids...and their absurd and twisted life denying ideology out of their little heads. And while we're at it out of OUR lives too.

It should be made very clear to these bigot bishops that unless they can guarantee the safety and integrity of ALL children in their schools, they will not receive a penny in government funds... they will be prosecuted as child abusers to the full extent of the law. And hopefully eventually forced to close.

Now we know what's really going on those christofascist kiddie concentration camps... and what the religious curriculum/satanic agenda is all about....

There really is no excuse....

If we can't save our Canadian children from these inhuman monsters who the fuck will?


  1. I guess it's the 4th time chinese government has blocked this blog,so,u'll see ...
    Actually,i think there should be more organizations to help gay children,let them know they're not alone.
    As for the waist up,I can't wait any longer,ha(joke)

  2. Hi UR!!! Do you mean they are blocking MY blog? :( Oh no. I can't believe your government is doing that.I greatly admire the Chinese people...Norman Bethune is one of my GREATEST Canadian heroes.
    Your country has come such a long's confident and WHEN will they realize that a little democracy and gay rights will only make China STRONGER!!! I can't wait for that day....just like you can't wait for that picture!!!'re wicked!!! Did I tell you I was a TEASE? :)

  3. OH for gay my opinion that shouldn't be a partisan issue...and it doesn't matter what political system you's just a question of common humanity. The only decent thing to do.To make young people...who are already vulnerable at that time in their lives...suffer for who they are is simply inhuman...