Friday, June 29, 2007

Summer Days and Owning the Blogging Bigots

Groan. What a drag it is to have to slug it out with the blogging bigots. When it's glorious SUMMER .....and there are so many other things I'd rather do. Like bike, swim, sail, or just lie on the dock soak up the sun...

And wait for Sébastien to come home.

But alas because I'm a poor gay boy I don't have a choice. I really do believe in a kinder, gentler world...where EVERYONE lives together in peace. But I have zero tolerance for homophobia...because it's just another word for murder.

So when I heard that the Alberta SoCon and Uberhomophobic blog the was attacking us again....and using the pompous nerd Jason Cherniak as a battering ram....I just HAD to check it out.

And fire off a comment.

I thought it was a pretty good one....considering my state of mind...and the speed with which I wrote it.... But Aaron hated it. At least I think he did


Yikes !!! Aaron.... Aaron.....relax... it's me Simon...or Tonto, or the Caped Crusader, or Robin... Batman's lover. Or whoever you want me to be. Just admit that you ADORE ME....coz you write about gay men ALL the time. And all is FORGIVEN.

Or WAS until I read Aaron's other disturbing comment:

Come on, George. You’re not speaking this bimbo’s language. Try “HA HA HA hee hee we’re WINNING you suck SUCKA LOL yay we’re winning! and you still suck! lol yay!!”

HA HA hee hee? SUCKA LOL? BIMBO? OMFG!!! He really DOES lust after me!!!! Sébastien !!!!!! Sébastien !!!!!!!

BTW.Do you think he's talking in tongues? Or just talking usual.

Coz he wasn't the only SoCon doing that..... I whizzed off another comment to the Big Blue Embryo .....who ran the Pollies dumb post.

And she didn't like it either....

"Simon, for a guy who spews such hate and bile on your own blog, you have a lot of nerve coming here to call people homophobes. I'm actually glad you have a blog and show how fascist the gay agenda really is..."

Good Lordy!!!! Jebesus in a tortilIa !!!! The Blessed Virgin in a Mexican toilet!!!! Is that CRAZY shit or what?

Hmmm...let's see...I'm a peaceful live and let live guy....who wants gay and straight people and religious and non religious people to live happily together in a society that doesn't just tolerate differences....but celebrates them.

The Big Blue Embryo on the other hand, wants to ram her rosary rubbing monkey ju ju nonsense down our throats, whether we like it or not, create a theocracy in Canada, deny the humanity of gays and lesbians... and force women to become subservient baby machines...or JAIL them.

And I'M a fascist and she's not? Oooh boy...what kind of TWISTED ugly parallel universe....of pickled fetuses, pervert priests, and chimera monsters... do these SoCon freakazoids inhabit? Scary!!!!

But it doesn't really matter. The MAIN I told them both... is that we're winning and they're LOSING. Big Time.That's why they're foaming at the mouth.These homophobes like to dish it out but they sure as hell hate it when gay people fight back.

And the BEST thing is....the more people read their hatemongering tripe...the more they know what freaks are.

Which of course was the point of this whole exercise.... Hold the bigots up to the light of day or reason...and they'll shrivel up like vampires.

Yup. Aaron and the Big Blue Embryo may not realize it. But they've both been PWNED. As in OWNED.....

And of course..... I'm LMFAO...

Which means ....Aaron ....I'm Laughing My Fucking Ass Off. SUCKA LOL. Muahahahaha!!!!

Mission accomplished....

Now back to glorious summer....


  1. what a bunch of low-bred chickenfuckers. they need o get the hose!

  2. i was tempted to go to that site....but tempted was as far as i got. naw, just can't go there.

    remember, as long as you engage in their rage you're feeding their machine.

    now get out there and swim and jump and splash like mad!!!!! :D

  3. Simon I see the Queen of dishing out shit but can't take shit back has banned you from her self righteous blog. For a woman who regularly smears us, has the audacity to claim she isn't hateful, is certainly an immature little person who cannot see just how stupid she really is. I thought about posting myself but thought what's the use, you cannot reason with morons. Suzanne, hope you read this, mind your own god damned business and keep your stinking nose out of our crotches.

  4. I see the Big Blue Bigot strikes again.

  5. Bahahahahaha! Ya got banned from the Big Blue Fetus!? LOL Simon, you're in good form this week. Thanks for the laugh.