Monday, June 25, 2007

My Gay Pride Video and the Anglican Church

Wow! Talk about a Big Gay Party. I've never seen so many people in all my life.

Talk about a awesome parade.

Hundreds of thousands of people of all ages, colours, and and straight...joining together to have fun...celebrate OUR struggle. And send out a powerful message of tolerance and inclusion to the whole world.

So how sad that that the Anglican Church of Canada would choose that very day to send out a message of hate.

They can qualify it all they want. But by refusing to even BLESS same-sex unions that's the message they are sending out. That we're not human enough...and our love isn't good even merit recognition..

They bless pets. But they won't bless us. Isn't that nice? Who let these bigot bitchops out?

Of course a religious blessing means just as much to me as a fucking fatwa. It's all ju ju monkey crazy nonsense... and SHITE..... as far as I'm concerned.

But a lot of good gay people are disappointed...and so is my good Anglican I'm pissed off.

But I shouldn't be... I saw so many loving gay couples...and happy gay families this weekend...who don't need to be blessed because they already ARE...

And so much pride, and energy, and inclusiveness, and tolerance that I know that these religious wackos will never be able to hold us back...or return us to a darker time.

Because they're ugly, inhuman and life denying ....and we're beautiful and full of life and love.

If you don't believe me...just check out this little video I made ....

And that was just a SMALL part of the parade.....

But you see what I mean? Those crazy bigots don't stand a chance.

Whatever they say....whatever they do...our beautiful freedom march just keeps getting bigger and stronger every year. ....coz we're UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!!!

Thank you to the organizers and all the volunteers who made Gay Pride Toronto such a success. And to all the gay AND straight people who made it such a great PARTY.

And a special thanks to my friends and other boys in the Gay Army's Water Gun Brigade...who tried SOOOOO hard to soak me ....even though I was only armed with a CAMERA!!!!

But MISSED....I was too quick for them....nyah nyah nyah...

Only to have a teeny tyke in a school bus carefully aim his water pistol out of the window and get me between the eyes....The little killer.

What a laugh. What a blast.Thank you EVERYONE!!

I'm so HAPPY and PROUD to be gay

See you all next year....


  1. simon i always love the way you blend two or more topics into one....a unique talent.

    fun watching your parade!!! as for the anglican church, their loss.

  2. What I find interesting - and it doesn't get much mention - is that the bishops of the Indian communities were solidly against the blessing thing. Given that traditionally gays were supposed to have had an important role in the spiritual life of their communities, this is ironic but consistent with strong homophobia I have observed as their norm now.
    Important - especially in the light of statements like this - from a progressive Anglican bishop:
    "[it] is a total misreading of scripture and a misuse of the Bible to oppress people. But they clearly want to continue to do that"

  3. Simon, thanks for posting the video! That was really cool. My favourite part is the dancing boys on the float. Woohoo! I hope you had a great Pride Week!

  4. Hi Scout!!!! hmmm..I'm not sure whether it's a talent of a liability. It's certainly not blogger form...I realize that. But then I write for myself...I'm not interested in being a blogging star. And having a scientific training I am more interested in trying to show that everything is connected. And that you can't really understand the world unless you join all the points of light. But all thta's about to change. I just won't have the time to write longer posts.So I'll have to find some way to make a virtue out of necessity :)

    Hi Leonard...You know although I've tried to make a break with religion...and I really don't believe in gods...I still keep hoping that the Christian church will become more Christ-like...more about love than hate. Because then although I still wouldn't believe in it I wouldn't attack it. So I was very disappointed by the Anglican decision. And what makes it even harder is that my Anglican mum is a really good Christian...who works hard to actually help people...delivering meals on wheels...even though she has trouble walking...or takimg poor or disabled kids for horse rides etc etc. Only to be caught between the dictates of her Church and her gay son...Damn those bishop bastards....

    Hi JJ!! Thanks!! I did have a fabulous time but I was a bit disappointed. I spent hours shooting and putting the video together...I even gave up my water gun...but you're the only one who commented on it. :(
    Still it's been seen by more than 500 people on YouTube...and even favorited by a couple of I'm happy!!! :)