Friday, June 22, 2007

Gay Pride, True Colours, the Bigot, and L'Amour

I went down to the Gay Village this afternoon. The beautiful rainbow flag was starting to appear everywhere. But it was still REALLY quiet. Which made me feel a little guilty because I didn't sign up to be a volunteer like I did last year.

Oh no. What if gazillions of people show up for the Big Gay Party. and we're not ready? And it's all MY fault!!!!

But then my friend told me the real work begins tomorrow.

And I noticed that at least the bars are ready...

Whew! That's the main thing. Disorganization and events that don't ever start on time is just a GAY fact of life. But a Big Gay Party without any beer....that's a RIOT!!

Seriously though....with S├ębastien away...and the bad news in Afghanistan... and the hot weather... I have been dragging my ass. The fabulous Gay Pride Week is more than halfway over and I haven't done ANYTHING. Which almost makes me feel like I'm not gay enough. Which of course is horrible.

Maybe I'm just changing...growing older...less angry. Or just lazier...if that's possible. Or maybe I just figure that I blog all year round for the gay cause...standing up for my brothers and sisters all over the these brave ones.

Or handing out pamphlets urging people not to go to Jamaica. Or writing politicians to demand more anti-bullying programs in our schools to protect gay kids.

Or playing whack-a-mole with homophobes. Like I did today with this old coot. By firing a comment at him about his bigoted and ignorant post....

So I can afford to take a few days off while others do the work....and just enjoy the show or go some place far from the madding crowd... chill out....dream of other things. And wait for my guy to come home....

And besides I did take in a FABULOUS gay concert.

It wasn't really my kind of music.... But it's such a great cause.

And Erasure was just AWESOME!!!!!!

I love their song "I Could Fall in Love with You." I've already posted the video once. You know the one with all the straight and gay couples kissing. And I may play it again soon.

But tonight I thought I'd just play this other Erasure song...not just because it's gayer....and I need to feel gayer myself.

But because .....I don't just seems so right....

Yup. That's gay enough...And as for WHAT NOW ?

No problem. Just wait three weeks for my most loved one to return...and fall in love all over again.

And of course keep whacking those bigot moles.

And as for the Big Gay Party? I'm ready. Just like they are...

Who KNEW our people lived there?

Oh boy do I love my beautiful brothers and sisters!!

The old coot bigot may never understand that.

But for me that's what gay pride is really all about...


  1. Simon, great smackdown of neo-conservative over there. The thing that disgusts me the most about these creepy old bigots is that they are so good at "dishing it out" but they get all stupid when it's thrown back in their ugly faces. Many instances, like that christian gov't .ca joke, these schoolyard bullies with an collective IQ of about 25, start spewing like a spoiled brat. Funniest thing is, they think people like you and I are pansy ass weaklings when we could probably pummel them in seconds. That my friend, would be fun to see a cowering homophobe shown his tiny little balls.

  2. hey,simon,take some photos there,i really wanna have a look.(btw,introduce me someone nice.)joke:)
    urrr,right now I even don't know u r at school,actually,i wanna know sth about u:)
    Hope that we can have more words 2 say,i mean i start to love canada.

  3. *
    simon says... "Those Orthodox are just traitors to the state of Israel. Parasites and kooky freaks who should all be shot... The marchers who take on those black hatted nazis are braver than you could ever be."

    simon. nice to see you're back on your meds and calmed down today.

    btw... comment moderation is for cowards.


  4. Nice towel-snap, Simon!:D

    You do a lot for your community just by blogging, hon. Keep up the good work:)

  5. Gay Simon Strokes out? Oh dear, how many times have I told you to stop messing with the breeders? You get them all confused.

  6. while im stuck at home because i have a fracking exam on monday! damn pisses me off. :'( Is not like I had anyone to go with, wouldve ended up wandering around aimlessly but at least it would be around my fellow queers! hrm. *sigh*


    stupid summer courses. last year i had to work. and the years before that i wasn't out and was too scared. psha. psha i tell you! /rant

  7. That's funny Neo, Simon allowed your comment did he not?

  8. meh, if you're in the doldrums , sometimes that happens...maybe you just need to work up to going out for some fun...take a walk and you might get caught up in the fever. meantime you're doing a great service with your blogging. happy pride week!

  9. Hi waterboy!!! was the first thing I read that hadn't worked its I just exploded!!! :)
    I try to avoid these slugging matches with ignorant homophobes. But I just can't believe that anyone anywhere still believes that being gay is a choice or a lifestyle rather than an orientation.But you're right about how they think we're pansies...their victims of their own propaganda...when they realize their horrible mistake they are really going to get a shock...\

    Hi UR!! Hey I gave you all kinds of pictures...including one of a young Asian you Chinese guys can see what live in Canada is like. And now you want MORE???
    Including more of ME??? Ok maybe sometime...but only from the waist up :)

    Hi Neocon...look I'm not planning to kill anyone...all I pointed out is that the Haredi freaks are terrorists ...just as the freaks from Hamas are...They are black hatted Nazi hatemongers...and the Israelis are going to have to do something about that problem some day...although hopefully NOT by shooting them. You see I'm better than them....But my problem with your post was your ridiculous contention that sexual orientation is just a lifestyle.I can't believe that anyone in the 21st Century still believes that nonsense. If you do you really need to take your head out of your ass and educate yourself.
    As for comment moderation...I don't use it to block comments and people can be as critical or as rude as they like. I don't mind. And I try to be polite to anyone who does comment. Even when they insult me. I just don't like to have to waste my time deleting "Fuck you faggot" posted fifty times. Once or twice is ok...anymore than that is too much...How would you react if YOU were gay?

    Hi JJ!! Thanks a lot. And as for the towel shot...actually it's the no towel shot.Now if only I could sneak in some more shots of Sebastien that would really make the screen melt....

    Hi Bruce!! yeah....I'm not quite sure what that meant. I suppose it was a play on striking out...But is he suggesting that just because I'm gay I STROKE myself? Doesn't every guy? Gay AND straight? But that's the problem with these old coots. Just because they haven't done it in years doesn't mean everybody else doesn't...Oh mama...I don't mind breeders but STUPID ones are such a pain...

    Hi Rashid!!! Don't tell me you weren't able to go to the parade because you had to study for your exams. You little slacker what kind of an excuse is that?
    Oh well...I hope you were able to take in some of it anyway...and that you did well in your exams.You better. After that we'll accept nothing less than an A!! :)

    Hi Scout!! Well I did what you suggested and it worked. I was dragging my ass but when I finally plunged into the party I had a great time. Altho I still feel like I need to sleep for a week...:)