Monday, May 28, 2007

Missing Sébastien and the Monsters in Moscow

Rain rain go away. Sébastien Sébastien come home again.

I'm trying to be a little more mature about his latest dangerous overseas assignment than I normally am. But it isn't easy. Especially when you're stuck in an empty bunker all afternoon watching the rain come down. Then I really miss him.

Although, if I can't be with him, I wish I could have been in Moscow today fighting the dirty fascists who attacked a peaceful gay rally.

Russian police detained gay protesters calling for the right to hold a Gay Pride parade in central Moscow on Sunday while nationalists shouting “death to homosexuals” punched and kicked the demonstrators.

Like this cowardly little neo-nazi who attacked Peter Tatchell.

I would have snapped his scrawny neck like a twig...after breaking both his arms. I mean can you believe it? In a country where more than 20-million people were killed by the Nazis they don't shoot scum like him on sight.

But then as Tatchell says:

"There is no rule of law in Moscow. The right to protest does not exist. This is not a democracy."

So much for the New Russia. It's just a stinking fascist state aided and abetted by that syphilitic sore on the face of humanity: organized religion.

"As I left the police station with several other released Gay Pride marchers, we were pelted with eggs. Some of us were violently attacked by a man dressed as a Russian Orthodox priest and by several neo-Nazis."

While the police did nothing.

And if you think Canada doesn't have its share of religious freaks and sicko homophobes...just read some of the comments.

How refreshing, the Russians are just saying 'no' to those who are flaunting the GBLT lifestyle.

They were looking for trouble and they got exactly what they were looking for. Believe it or not many look at the Gay Pride parades as they would look at a parade by neo-nazis, not very favourably at all.

Homosexuals have a choice - disregard their lustfull sins and repent, or remain in your wicked lifestyles, and die an eternal death...

Compare that with what the young gay man in Moscow said.... blood streaming down his face.

“This is terrible but I am not scared. This is a pretty scary place, a pretty scary country if you are gay. But we won't give up until they allow us our rights...”

That's why we are the light and these religious freaks are the darkness. That's why we will win. That's why I am so proud to be gay....and belong to the Freedom Army.

I also want to say how grateful I am to the brave straight people... the members of the European Parliament and others.... who risked their lives today to support our cause.

And to Richard Fairbrass, from the British pop group Right Said Fred, who was on holiday in Russia, and joined the rally only to be bashed by the fascists.

I can only say how proud I am of them all. But as for Richard I can do more than that.

I can play one of his songs and dedicate it to all the brave people in Moscow and straight ... and if you don't mind to my gay hero as well...

That's why we're the light. That's why we're going to win.

We stand for love and human rights for ALL. They stand for hate.The fascists and the religious wackos will be SMASHED!!!

Carry on brothers and sisters.

Hurry home Sébastien...


  1. After reading the comments from the globe article, it is quite evident that we are truly not out of the woods on despicable homophobia here at home. With so many "experts" on homosexuality, it is mind boggling. We still have morons calling it a lifestyle choice, we still have lying hypocritical christians saying they are being jailed for preaching against gays, we still have people saying we are flaunting our lifestyle. All of it fucking bullshit. What happened in Russia lies totally the responsibility of religion, how churches love to lie, how churches love to abdicate responsibility for one of their most shameful moments, degrading gays and lesbians. Religion is the root cause of all of this.

  2. Gawd, some of those comments in the globe were disgusting! "Lifestyle choice" -- what is wrong with people! I agree with waterboy, religion is to blame for this ignorance. Organized Religion has always been about controlling and judging people based on the most arbitrary standards, and turning people against each other. [shakes head]

    Sorry you're lonely... I hope your darlin' comes home soon.

  3. Hi waterboy!! YeahI know what you mean. Just when you think all that bullshit has gone away...It comes back again. And you're right religion is principally to blame. As for the "lifestyle choice" that one is soooo old I can't believe anyone still goes on about that. But then remember Harper believes that until he is in the garbage can of history...nobody is safe...

    Hi JJ!!! You know one of these days I'm going to have to stop reading the comments in the Globe. They're bad for me. They are even worse than the Blogging Tories. I can't believe the shit I read....and in one of Canada's premier newspapers's disgusting.
    And thanks JJ yeah I miss him especially at this time of the year... but July will be ours!! :)