Tuesday, May 29, 2007

George Bush and the Lost War in Iraq

He was there to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. But as he stood there looking old and shrunken George Bush might as well have been burying his dirty little War in Iraq. The signs of defeat are everywhere.

He's still calling for more young Americans to die in Iraq. So the lives of all those other young Americans already dead have some meaning.

"They know that one day this war will end, as all wars do. Our duty is to ensure that its outcome justifies the sacrifices made by those who fought and died in it."

So he doesn't have to tell the ones who loved them that they died for nothing. Even though they did.

So Bush can lie again and pretend they died for freedom. When of course they didn't.

The last time an American soldier died or fought for our freedom was World War II. That is the plain fact and the plain truth. To say that any soldier since World War II fought or gave up his life in order that we might enjoy our freedom is a horrible mistake in reasoning.

But in Iraq.... three more dead American soldiers and it will be the bloodiest month of the year. And in Baghdad...as Iranian mortars explode in the Green Zone...the U.S. is now so desperate it's sitting down with the Axis of Evil.

That thinks it has the Great Satan where it wants it...

The gathering congressional mutiny against a long-term American military commitment has convinced Iran’s hardliners that their strategic goal – a US humiliation in Iraq that would render it impotent throughout the Middle East – is in reach.

That's why Dick Cheney is so angry and so dangerous.

While out in bandit country even Delta Company is losing its legendary resolve.

“I thought: ‘What are we doing here? Why are we still here?’ ” said Sergeant Safstrom, a member of Delta Company of the First Battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry, 82nd Airborne Division.

“We’re helping guys that are trying to kill us. We help them in the day. They turn around at night and try to kill us.”

“I don’t want any more of my guys to get hurt or die,” he continued. “If it was something I felt righteous about, maybe. But for this country and this conflict, no, it’s not worth it.”

When the soldiers start thinking it ain't worth it. And the generals don't think it can be done. And the Iranians stand to win whatever happens. And the American people don't want the war to go on and on.

This one is over before it's over...the die is cast. The truth hurts. The war is lost. The troops will come home sooner rather than later.

The only thing that remains to be determined is how many more young Americans will die. For nothing.

Before the madness ends...


  1. whoa.......such impact and so true....nice piece, simon!!!!

  2. Very well said, Simon.