Sunday, April 29, 2007

Monkey Love and the Stone Age Swingers

Of all the rubbish that is religion I find the Catholic Church's insane war on sex to be the most annoying.....and the most entertaining.

The way they try to deny the power of sexuality, by flagellating themselves with the perversion of chastity. Only to fail miserably over and over again.

The way they try to portray sex as something dirty only fit for procreation. Instead of something beautiful and playful as well.

As if men and women walked out of the Garden of Eden .....or The Stone Age... monogamous and boring. And gay people weren't even there...

So I'm happy to report that it seems as if the life denying wingnuts are wrong. Again.

He may have come down from the trees, but prehistoric man did not stop swinging. New research into Stone Age humans has argued that, far from having intercourse simply to reproduce, they had sex for fun.

“The widespread lay belief that sex in the past was predominantly heterosexual and reproductive can be challenged,”

Practices ranging from bondage to group sex, transvestism and the use of sex toys were widespread in primitive societies as a way of building up cultural ties.

Uh don't think Fred, Wilma, Barney ....and Dino... were more than just good friends?

Wow! Something tells me the shrivelled up sex deniers are going to try to cover up this scandal, just as they tried to cover up the story of the horny Bonobos. And their inspiring example of neverending Monkey Love.

Speaking of monkeys ....the part I really found fascinating in the Stone Age Sex story was the theory about why we have such BIG BREASTS and HUGE COCKS....compared to the chimpy ones anyway...

And how plain rutty sex became sex AND love when we stopped doing it DOGGY STYLE....

Taylor says that prominent male genitals and female breasts developed to aid recognition of the opposite sex in creatures of similar size and shape. The similarity in size, combined with the ease of face-to-face sex, allowed intercourse to become a vital part of social interaction, communication and inventiveness....

Stopped doing it doggy style? Hmmm....I'm going to have to reflect on that one. Is it OK if you're both staring at a mirror?

But seriously isn't it great that men and women are sexier and more playful than the life denying monsters in the church....and some boring evolutionists.... would have us believe?

“So much evolutionary theory promotes the idea that humans, particularly women, are preprogrammed for monogamy, but that is often simply overlaying science on a preexisting view of society....”

Ouch that must really hurt. Not just that so many of us are having fun and they're not. Or that women are more than madonnas or whores. Or that our lives are human and warm. While their lives are miserable and cold. Full of twisted dirty thoughts, guilt, and wet dreams.

But also because it forces the sex deniers to contemplate what for them must be the most hideous possibility of all. That if there was a Garden of Eden. You know Adam and Steve?

They were there too...

So what's the score big boy?

Sex: 400 billion and counting. Crazy Religion: Zero.

When will they ever learn?


  1. Good points.

    However, the catholic church is not the only culprit here - Born Again Christians are even worse and Islam is no better ...

  2. Hi Mentarch! Yeah you're right. I hold all religion to be equally absurd. But chastity offends me so much and these days Benedict and his gang are on such a singleminded anti-sex crusade that I can't help but pick on them...But don't worry Born Agains are my favourite targets.... and Islam is not far behind...