Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cherry Beach and the Party Poopers

I went for a ride today to a park just a few kilometres from the heart of the city. A giant spit of landfill that sticks out into the lake.

It's a place I like to go to in the summer to get away from the heat and the craziness of the city. Or just to be alone.... and feed the swans.

I was hoping to get a picture of a couple of beavers, and maybe even a coyote that I have seen a few times before.

But the coyote was nowhere to be seen...and the beavers weren't at home...

(click to enlarge)

So all I could come up with were pictures of gazillions of cormorants nesting ...

And lots of pictures of these little guys....

They were everywhere. Hmmm....maybe the reason I didn't see the coyote is because he's lying in his den burping....too fat to move.

But it didn't really matter. I was just glad to be so close to the city and yet so faraway. It felt great. How lucky Toronto is I thought, to have a place like this.

Then I came across a big wooded area near a place called Cherry Beach, where the best free outdoor party in Toronto used to take place every Sunday.

They had a great sound system, a wild light and laser show, and about 100 people would gather there to beat drums and dance around a bonfire and under the stars.

It was one of the few places where straights and gays partied together. Everyone was welcome. They played all kind of music, techno, rock, reggae, and even the Scissor Sisters. And sometimes we even fired off fireworks at the end.

It's true that a cloud of marijuana hung over the wood. And there was some beer too. But the place was always left spotlessly clean. Nothing was damaged. Everyone was always friendly and there were never any fights. It was our little Woodstock. Or Montreal Tam Tam party. And it was fabulous!!!!!!

But then last year we got busted.

And now the wood looks like this....

Can you believe it? They cut down dozens and dozens of beautiful trees to build a fucking soccer field. And levelled it. So now where people partied under the stars we'll just have jocks and cars.

Oh well....I guess we'll just have to move the party to the wood down the road. It's a big gay cruising won't that be Geez I hope the boys don't mind. Think of it this way guys AND music AND all those virginal straight boys. All at the same time.

Oh yeah...These miserable shortsighted bastards can kill a beautiful wood. Those party poopers can try to take away our fun. They can give themselves a concrete future. But those fuckers can fuck themselves.

Coz the party under the stars WILL go can bet your mama on that one...

Have a great weekend everyone!

Party on....

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  1. I'm glad to see that at least for awhile Cherry Beach was a cool and fun place. When I was a kid (old fart story alert) Cherry Beach was something to fear and dread: it was where the cops took hippies for beat-downs. The "Cherry Beach Express", we used to call it. Somebody shows up all bruised and says "Oh man, I got a ride on the Cherry Beach Express last night".