Saturday, March 24, 2007

Poisoning my Dog and Other Good News

Oh boy what a week to forget. First of all I'm in a panic thinking that I might have poisoned my dog. By feeding Kerouac a few pouches of yummy doggy stuff... from this Canadian pet food company.

The company and investigators at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had been focusing on wheat gluten, a source of protein in the pet food. While the ingredient does not cause kidney failure, it could be contaminated by heavy metals, mould toxins or poison, health officials said....ABC News reported the chemical was on wheat imported from China....

Isn't capitalism amazing? We live in one of the grain baskets of the world. But somehow it's cheaper to bring it all the way from China...than ship it from Saskatchewan. And don't you love the fact that ALL the pet food in the world seems to come from ONE company. So much for competition....

The good news? I only bought a couple of packets of the yummy stuff to pour on his dull but healthy food pellets...because sometimes he's finicky and won't eat them. But after two days of worrying myself sick ......Farmboy suddenly remembered that Kerouac hadn't eaten the yummy stuff either. Turned up his nose at it. Held out for Swiss Chalet. So now he's not finicky...just prudent.

Then there was the disgusting Conservative Bribe-a-Budget. That spewed billions of dollars into the ranks of the suburban small town voters the Cons need the most to win a majority. While completely ignoring the people who needed help the most.

The beautiful but suffering First Nations of Canada....

Let me get this straight....First we steal their land or cheat them out of it. Then we set up a reserve system that is so successful the Boers in South Africa copy it to set up Apartheid.

Then we send generations of children to residential wipe out their identity...and physically and sexually abuse them.

We owe them so much. But they remain the most oppressed....the poorest of the poorest of Canadians.... with the worst health and social problems. And out of all those billions the Cons couldn't find anything for them?

What a disgrace. What inhuman monsters. I hope it's a really hot summer....

Then of course there is the prospect of having to spend the next four years in exile.

As I said it wasn't a great week....... although there was some good news...

For one thing someone finally called Conrad Black a thief....and wasn't sued.

And although Connie couldn't be there in his gorgeous red evening gown....and vote against us...our side took the House of Lords.

And the best thing is 23 bishops didn't turn up to vote. So our victory was even bigger.Which made the crazy wingnuts even crazier.

"The time is fast approaching when Christianity will be openly disavowed, in language as in fact it is already supposed to have disappeared from the conduct of men: when to believe will be deemed the indication of a feeble mind and contracted understanding."

Exactly I couldn't have said it better myself...that time can't come soon enough.

And then there was that amazing story from Jamaica. It turns out that while gay people there are routinely attacked and murdered, if you're a gay're not only're highly regarded.

"We have quite a large number of them (gays and lesbians) in the force but they are not openly acknowledged. They are still in the closet... Those who we know are treated with a great level of respect as they themselves are respectful, refined and intelligent, their level of intelligence far outshines persons considered to be normal...." now you know. If you're a gay person....or a cricket coach.... and you absolutely have to go to Jamaica...whatever you do... don't check into a hotel. Try staying at a police station. It's safer

Battyboy that one baby..are we making progress or what?

Although, of course, there are always some setbacks

But even this one seems to have a silver lining. One...because any pancake house that bans lesbians must have a death wish.

And two...we can make them ourselves..


Oh....and if you're wondering about the lemon juice it's a Scottish thing...although I like mine with dulce de leche...I still voted for the video And of course for Jay Brannan...

But since Spring has sprung...and it's pouring with rain...and I don't have to worry about Kerouac anymore...I'm thinking about other sweet things...

 sleeping....a lot.

Enjoy freedom while you still have it...

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Wheat from china, that’s just wrong. When I think of wheat producing nations, somehow China isn’t at the top of the list and I don’t want to think about quality control.

    Kerouac is way too big to be affected by that anyway, not that he should eat the stuff. A friend of mine lost her cat to that stuff, she weighed less than six pounds and couldn’t handle it. My guy Peter wouldn’t touch those products so I never gave them to him, he was a picky little dude, I like picky.

  2. I love the pnacake video. It would have taken ages to edit.

    Ok, hungry now.

  3. Oh, I'm so glad Kerouac is okay. Only da kibble from now on... (and the odd steak of course!)

    Bruce, yeah that's weird isn't it? Wheat from China? Don't we sell them our wheat? Huh. Sorry about your friend's cat, too. Losing a pet is so awful.:(

  4. also in regards to the First Nations, the DND has released a 250pg field manual about the newest techniques for fighting insurgents like the Taliban, Chechnyan rebels, and.....our very own Mohawk Warrior Society.

  5. Hi Bruce!! I hope you're right about Kerouac...and I'm sorry your friend lost his cat.I think what saved me was I got the chicken version of that stuff. And forgot that Kerouac only likes the beef variety.Although when he's out in the park he'll eat just about anything remotelt edible he finds!
    All I know is that we need much better controls on the whole pet food industry...and fast...

    Hi Beep!

    I'm glad you liked the video...I was delighted to see all those familiar Scottish ingredients I hadn't seen for years..

    Hi JJ! Yeah this whole scare worked out GREAT for Kerouac...he's had more steak...and bagels... in the last few weeks than he has had for years!!

    Hola Hecho!

    Yeah I saw that...I find it really outrageous to compare Hezbollah and our native people.Especially since they have been tolerant and peaceful for so long...even when they are treated so badly. This whole native issue is Canada's greatest shame...