Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Skeleton Lovers and my Valentine Card

I forgot to pick up a Valentine's card today. So I decided to make my own. And when I saw this picture of these two lovers still together after 5000 years...I figured I got it made.

So I spent hours carefully photoshopping Sebastien's head and my head on the picture and then added a little caption:

Happy Valentine's Day Sebastien!

I hope we look like this 5,000 years after we die.... But right now I just want to LIVE with you forever!!!!!!!

And then I read the story...

Mantua's archaeological office said in a statement Tuesday that, in some cases of the period, the wife would be sacrificed when her husband died and buried with him. However, the statement said that "at the current stage of research" there was no evidence that this was what happened to Mantua pair....

Uh oh....I should have known it was too good to be true. They didn't call them neolithic for nothing. Where do you think neocon comes from?

But with half an hour to go before midnight what could I do?

Except add a few more words to the card:

But if anything ever happened to you. I wouldn't mind being sacrificed...I'd want to be dead too...



Hmmm....I doesn't sound quite as good as the first version....

And I forgot to long as I get to sleep on the right side of the coffin.

But it's probably true...just kill me gently...coz I'm a fool for love.

Happy Valentine's Day and straight...try to make it an every day thing. One day a year really isn't enough. Whatever this Grinch says.

And if you haven't found your all-year Valentine or one-night Valentines yet.

I hope this is the year you do....


  1. just good luck on Valentine's Day,gay lovers can own the day.

  2. I doubt the story of those two would have come out at any other time of year. It’s touching to think of two people in a 5000-year embrace. In our modern times we might assume sacrifice because we don’t seem to think much of our ancestors and we judge them on our own terms. But perhaps it was voluntary, one partner choosing to follow the other into the afterlife rather than live without them, they weren’t so simple that they couldn’t love.

    Notice how their two skulls together form a heart?

  3. Hi Ur....and all the best to you...I read your blog and I wish you and all our brothers and sisters in China the best. I know it's hard...but times are changing. One day all that old crazy homophobic shit will go away...and you will all be free to love who you want to love...

    Hi Bruce...yeah I'm giving those lovers the benefit of the doubt...I want to believe in stuff like that...But I also remember stories about gay people being buried alive in the jury is still out...

  4. That picture was mindblowing. Apparently they were both very young adults. It really captures the imagination when you look at that picture and wonder what happened.