Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Pervert, the Archbishop, and the Little Gay Family Next Door

When I was seventeen I had a pretty good motorcycle accident, which put me in hospital for almost two weeks. One night when I was lying there in a private room.... all drugged up on yummy demerol... this smarmy chaplain, who smelled like baby powder and was always bugging me, came in to see me.

I was so out of it that I didn't even know he was there. Or know that he started feeling me up. Or that Sebastien, who had been sleeping on a cot in the next room, came in and caught him in the act.

The chaplain never bothered me again. Although I still hate the smell of baby powder. But I didn't know what had happened until about two years later. When one of Sebastien's friends told me...and said that the Saguenay Prince had warned the chaplain that if he ever came within 50 feet of me again. He'd cut off his balls... stuff them in his mouth....and make him eat them.

I already knew that religion was garbage. But after that I knew two more things. One...that I really did have the best lover in the world, and would always be safe as long as he was around. And two...that some of those who call themselves "holy" men are really fucking twisted.

Just like the Archbitchop of Canterbury Rowan Williams....

Twenty years ago he wrote an essay defending gay love. He even founded a group to fight anti gay bigotry. But two weeks ago he sided with the Catholic Church in its losing bid to discriminate against gay couples.

"....rights of conscience cannot be made subject to legislation, however well-meaning"....

And now he's gone a step further.

"I don't believe inclusion is a value in itself. Welcome is. We don't say 'Come in and we ask no questions'. I do believe conversion means conversion of habits, behaviours, ideas, emotions...."

As if we can change who we are, how we feel, and who we love. As if we could "convert" our all those men in dresses are always doing...only to end up as perverts. Just like that filthy chaplain.

Once the Archbitchop was mellow yellow. A promise of change. Now he's just a bigot.

But what makes it even more disgusting is that he lives next to two gay men who he knows are excellent parents of a very troubled boy.

"They were first asked to foster the boy when he was four and Barnardo's could not find another home for him because he was so disruptive. The boy is now 19. When the couple took him in he was filthy and had only one set of clothes. He had severe learning difficulties and very severe behavioural problems. They had to sit with him all night in case he damaged himself. The first hour he was in their house, he smashed 16 things."

But they never gave up on him...

"I think what we have given him has been a place to be angry and safe. We are proud of our boy. Now he has a real chance to live an independent life in the community. If you had asked us then we would not have wanted to take him in, but now we say we would not have missed it. It has been a most wonderful transformation of our lives."

The Archbishop knew they were good people. His children played with their boy. But when the time came to take a stand.....he betrayed the little gay family next door. By siding with the bigots....of the Roman Pedophile Church.

If that ain't twisted I don't know what is....anyone who would put ideology and politics before humanity is a monster as far as I'm concerned. And as for a "holy" man...don't make laugh.

But at least this story does serve to show....once again....that not only is religion garbage and hateful shite. But that loving families come in all shapes and sizes.

That troubled boy was lucky. He had two gay men who loved him enough to never give up on him. I know lots of happy children who are being raised by two mums, one mum, or one dad.

But as for me....I was lucky enough to have had THREE parents to help me through my troubled teenage years...and who never gave up on me either. A great mum, a great dad, and of course....although he'd just laugh and blush and probably cuff me if I ever dared call him a daddy...coz he's only four years older than me... The best lover in the world...

I don't know what you call that kind of straight gay family.

But it's my beautiful family for me...


  1. and a beautiful family indeed!!!!

    why can't these guys get it 'straight' that jesus was either bi or homo??? let's put two and two together.

    btw, another hawaiian hottie for ya to have a gander at ;)

  2. Wow, that was some story! I wish I had that kind of support, but in a way, i guess I kind of do, I just need to look in the right places. Even if my best friend won't come with me to gay events and i am too scared to go alone *angry mumbles*. Stupid christians

  3. Sebastien does sound like the greatest lover, and a hero as well. When you write about him, even just a sentence, the warmth you feel comes right off the page (webpage). I'm happy for you.:) Not many people get to experience that kind of love.

  4. Hi Scoutie! yeah i never ever will understand how a religion that is supposed to be based on some guy who preached love your brother and sister turned into one of hate...ooh another hottie...keep him busy until I get there ;)But now I'm worried if these hunks start showing up... you're never going to come back :(

    Hi Rashid!! you're do have support out there...and the TotalQueer thing you setup and your blog are helping support other young gays.So your doing a hell of a job..... I'm proud of you!!!! As for being afraid of going alone to gay events and meeting other kids hey don't be. As far as I can remember.... it is possible to go to those events and escape with your virtue intact...altho I'm not sure you want to... ;)
    In fact I suggest you go to one of the U of T HomoHops.I hear it's a really nice, cool, and accepting crowd of all ages. So it's a great place to start....

    Hi JJ!!! I've always been a deeply romantic person probably because like so many other gays I was a lonely boy. And I do romanticize Sebastien a bit.He does have a bit of a temper...he can be awfully serious about everything...... zzzzzzz ...but he is such a totally decent human being...he doesn't have a mean bone in him...he's such a hopeless idealist...and such a doll :) I can't help but be crazy about him.I hope my little stories about us can help young gays and lesbians out there know that they too can have a beautiful prince or princess waiting for them at the end of the rainbow.If it happened to me it can happen for them. I've had a lot of bad luck in my life...but with Sebastien I really lucked out...