Saturday, February 10, 2007

Canadian Homophobes, Gay Rebels, and Gay Slaves

Well I see that the story I wrote about in my last post..... about how almost 20 percent of Canadians hate gay people so much they don't even want to be our neighbours.... went down like a lead balloon.

I thought it was a good story

Homophobia was by far the main source of bigotry in most western countries: over 80% of bigoted people in Northern Ireland and Canada, and 75% of bigots in Austria, the USA, Great Britain, Ireland and Italy wouldn't want gays or lesbians as neighbours.

I thought it was interesting that homophobia had finally been quantified. And that now we REALLY know we are the most hated group in Canada. And that this country isn't the tolerant place that so many people think it is...

But I was just about the only one. Almost nobody picked up the story. No straight people. No gays. I guess the truth hurts too much....

I can understand why straight people...on the right and the left...might not want to publicize the story. Because of what it says about them. But as for gay people I can only blame that on our slave mentality....

After growing up in a homophobic society, and finally finding a safe space of their own, many gays and lesbians just want to live their lives. They don't want to be gay rebels. They don't want to rock the boat.

They can somehow accept that so many heteros hate them ...and take it for granted. They settle for less than others slaves. As long as nobody whips them or kills them.

Oh Mammy Mammy they say. It could be so much worse.We could live in Russia.

Even Sebastien wasn't too excited or sympathetic. "You can't make people love us Simon," he said. And went back to reading the paper.

And as for the other gay guys in the bunker. No gay rebels there either. All they wanted to talk about was Anna Nicole Smith. Vomit. All I can say about that is thank fucking god for CNN's Jack Cafferty.

Although I notice he wasn't anchoring his In the Money show today. So I wonder if he's been punished for telling the truth that hurts.

Just like all real rebels are.

So that's why I am so disappointed.... that Canada still has so far to go. That so many people still hate us. And so few people seem to care.

I wanted to end this post with an angry music video.

But I just couldn' I'll end with something more cheery instead .....even though I've played another version before. Because now it's a video. Because the piano in it once belonged to Freddy Mercury and he was a gay rebel.

Oh yeah...why don't you like me.. why don't you like me? I can be anything you want...but some things you choose and some things you can't.

Like being an angry gay rebel who believes in confronting bigotry head on. Even if it rocks the boat.

In a land full of bigots and slaves.....I won't settle for anything less than freedom.

Even if the truth hurts...


  1. Nothing wrong with being an angry gay rebel, gawd you’re intense. I don’t think I’m really going out a limb when I say that Sebastien’s purpose on this blue marble is most likely to protect you from yourself and I have a feeling that’s a tall order. Didn’t you just get into a fight when he was out of the country?

    If more gay men were like you, we wouldn’t have all these problems, the straight boys would be too afraid. Nothing scares a bully more than a faggot that fights back.

  2. Probably went over like a lead balloon because of the adolescent tone you decided to use: nothing in the situation is as absolute as you try and make it sound...
    and just because we aren't all disposed to violent solutions, doesn't imply a collective sniveling complacency.

  3. I think the media is slowly catching up on the neighbour-hating poll. Just today, I noticed the story with the headline "Gays, lesbians bear brunt of Canadian bigotry."

    It's not the heading that the major news organizations were printing, mind you. But at least someone out there saw the story in the right light.

    Anyway, since you reminded me: Thanks for introducing me to Mika a few weeks ago in your other post. It took me a while to find the single, but I got it eventually. Grace Kelly is upbeat, catchy, and uber gay---I love it.

  4. Hi Bruce! I'm not really as intense as I appear in print. It's just that I write really fast and all that anger comes out and sometimes I get carried away. As for Sebastien what you say might be true...but I think I'm here to protect him too. Because he's dangerously idealistic, and far too nice for this world...As for the fight it could have happened anytime.I didn't start it.I was attacked by some drunk who thought I was interested in his girlfriend...Huh? But yes nothing scares a bully more than a faggot that fights back. I know it's not possible for everyone. But wouldn't it be nice?

    Hi Leonard...I didn't mean my post went down like a lead balloon... I meant the story itself got such little play in Canada. And I'm not advocating violence just self defence. But you're right I did go overboard. And I'm sorry if I offended anyone. I certainly didn't mean to offend you. I was just so angry and frustrated. As for the adolescent tone...I can't help that from creeping into a lot of the stuff I write. Maybe it's because I try to reach young gays by trying to speak their language...although I really can't anymore. Or maybe it's just because when I get upset I unconsciously recreate the teenage rebel spirit that got me through the hardest days of my life...and kept me from killing myself. Sorry again. I'll try to do better...

    Hey Mark! Thanks for passing on the good news....and for your post today. I luv the eyes on those houses!!!! And I'm really glad you love Mika.Isn't he great? What a voice...I think I must have played the Grace Kelly song about five hundred times! :)

  5. I saw that Cafferty-Blitzy exchange by accident.

    I laughed until spicy Thai food came out my nose. It's still a little tender.

    It's my worst nose burn since toothpaste came out my nose in high school. All I cuold smell was mint for close to three days.

  6. Simon-

    Don't apologize! Not once! Only a Big Gay Hero can paddle the Big Gay Canoe!

    Remeber the Canadian Way: dump, chase, and forecheck like a motherfucker!

  7. I agree, don't apologize: and go on being yourself - even if some of us get irritated at times.