Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jackhammer Jesus and the God Hates Fags Song

Oh boy!! Sometimes it isn't easy to be gay. First we have to put up with closet queens like Ted Haggard who spend all their lives trying to crucify us. Only to crucify themselves....

And then there are the ex-gay phonies who claim they once were gay but are now straight. Except of course they're not....

Like ex-gay poster boy Michael Johnston who claimed he had walked away from homosexuality with the help of Jesus Christ. Only to have a "moral fall." By having unprotected sex with tons of men. Even though he was HIV positive.....

"What we did was unsafe......I brought it up all the time, but [Johnston] didn’t seem to think it mattered," the man said. "He would have these parties, get a hotel room, get online and invite tons of people — he just wouldn’t care.”

Aren't these friggin' Jesus fuckers the absolute scum of the earth? But at least now they're going after his fraudulent "Miracle Cure" video.

But guess what? Now we've got another ex-gay freak on our case.

And this bitch sings. Nasty.

"God hates a fag. God hates fags. If you're a fag he hates you too."

"Righteous man get on your knees.....fill me with your love...."

Uh oh...... I can see how this story is going to end......scandalously. Although I very much doubt that any gay man could ever be found that would ever fuck that freak. Whether it's for real. Or whether it's just a parody.

And I certainly wouldn't go anywhere near that singing fruit with a nine-inch pole...

So I'm afraid he's going to have to settle instead for a hot little session with Jackhammer Jesus

It's not quite as big as mine. And a lot more purple. But if that doesn't make Bonnie Donnie feel like she's filled with the love of Jesus.

Nothing will...


  1. You have to admit though, the video is wildly funny. I laughed SO hard! I thought it was great, and the fact that people believe it is the real thing demonstrates beautifully the point I think 'Donnie' was trying to make.

  2. Hi Simon...I watched it again and yeah you're right it is funny. And BTW you're post on Donnie whoever he is was brilliant! I can't decide whether it is a spoof or not.But it doesn't matter. It makes the homophobes look like crazies...and that's all that counts...

  3. That stuff makes me pissed off, but it was pretty funny. but more so just pisses me off. quoted your post on my blog :)

  4. so love (("fill me with your love")) equals jizz?

    good thing I'm not righteous. he could be singing me, and my wife would kick his ass up around his ears. :)

  5. Hi Rashid!! yeah at first I was ready to explode...but now I think it is a hoax...It certainly is a HUGE subject of conversation on some of the big American gay blogs."Pastor Donnie" has released a YouTube comment. I think I may have to update :)

    PS Thanks for the link!

    Hey Jay!! know I don't know anything about these hetero things :) Although I'm afraid if Pastor Donnie wants the jizz geyser dildo he's going to have to get The Rig. It's shaped like an Alberta oil rig. With all the pointy parts. But I should warn him, like the province itself, it's overpriced, overrated, and only works with yankee batteries...