Saturday, December 09, 2006

Time to Time to Say Goodbye Again

The call came in early this morning. I've been moaning about Sebastien being so faraway and in such a dangerous place. Well now it's my turn. I was hoping to spend Christmas at home. With my friends and my dog.

But what can you do? The great armies of this world have their mighty air forces, and their killing machines. But their victims and the poor, sick, and hungry people of the world they just got us.

But hey...why would I want to stay in this freezing frigid country, and make snow angels? When I can feel like a real one for a while. Or paint them in the sky....

As for this blog it's taking off too. And I don't know if it will be back. But if it does it will be different.

You see I only started blogging because I was so angry about the Harper government's decision to revisit the gay marriage debate. But I'm not so angry anymore. So I'm going to have to learn to blog instead of just rant. Or maybe just quit while I'm ahead.

I've said just about everything I wanted to say. There have been too many stupid posts...too many cheap and crude photoshops, too many really bad videos. And of course they're all way too long. Like the one I did last night.

When Farm Boy glanced at it today he said "Simon if you want people to spend an hour reading or watching your crazy're going to have to pay them...."

Yikes! He may be a sweet gay rube. But in this case he's right....what the fuck am I doing?

So I'm going to have to reinvent myself. But even if I can't and decide to do something else. I'll always keep fighting against bigotry, and for gay rights, and for the rights of all oppressed people. Just like I'll never give up the battle to stop gay kids from being bullied.

But there are so many other gay bloggers out there who can do a much better job of defending our cause. Instead of hurting it like I do sometimes. By being too aggressive and angry.

Bloggers like this one and this one and this one and this one and this one. and this one.And so many other good straight bloggers too. Including my Australian friend Beep Read them and you can't go wrong.

The good news is .....I might get to ask Sebastien what HE thinks I should do......

Woohoo!!!That's my little surprise!!! It looks as if on my way back I might be able to take a teeny detour and see him. At least for a few hours. I can't even describe what kind of Christmas present that would be. If you really want to know... ask the military families in this country who have loved ones in Afghanistan. And while your at it don't forget to support them as much as you can.

As for me I think I'll just use one more bad Japanese video to give you an idea of what it's going to be like.

Of course I'll be hoping for more than two hours in an air conditioned motel....

But you know if it's only a hug it will be good enough.
One of those hugs that goes on for ten minutes. And nobody says a word, because you don't have to.

But really folks aren't you going to miss me? Who else could bring you those kind of classic videos? Which reminds me...did I ever show you the incredibly popular European video? Where two young French rugby players act like gay boys even tho they aren't....

Wow! now that's gay...even though they're not!!. Can you believe it ? Straight boys who aren't afraid to act like gay boys. And everybody loves them....what's this world coming to?

Oh my god. Another reason to quit while I'm ahead!!! Before I become a fucking optimist....still it would be is the season...

But that's it ..... Bye for now's been a blast.

And if I don't get back in time....

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!!


  1. I’ll miss ya Simon! Oh yeah, Farm Boy’s right, you can get a little long winded sometimes but I figure you’re just trying to give as much as you can. I guess I shouldn’t really talk, I tend to go on myself.

    I think you do a much better job than you give yourself credit for. Do what you need to do and hurry back, the place won’t be the same without you.

    Merry Christmas Simon.

  2. Happy Pan-inter-non-denominational Holidays! And congrats on getting to see Sebastien, even if for only a brief while.

    You better come back soon cousin. I plan on getting French language CDs. Someday I might not sound like a barbarian child with a lobotomy when I speak francais, but my accent will, I'm afraid, always be merde. I read your blog every time you post, and I check for posts nearly every day. Even the looooong ones. SOmetimes they ened to be long. Like Bruce said, sometimes you just have a lot to give.

    Your fellow gays need you. Filthy heteros like me need you. And Canada needs you. Needs you and more people like you.

    Have fun, stay safe, take lots of pictures.

    Peace & love,

  3. I know this feeling. Yes, yes... It's like when one of your favorite products gets discontinued by the numbnuts at corporate headquarters. Like those Tide rapid-disolving laundry tablets. A godsend for anyone who had to use a laundromat. And now I have to fill up ziplock bags with powder detergent each time.

    Well, I sure hope you return soon! If there were any justice in the world you'd have won Best Blog Post at the awards this year. Lengthy or not, I've been reading every word.

    Regardless of what happens to the blog, have a great vacation! You deserve it!

  4. I hope you're not going to take the blog down, even if you let it slide a while. It has some historical value, given its raison d'etre, n'est ce pas?

    That said, thanks for the tag. :)

    Hope you can have more than a hug with your Sebastien.


  5. Awww, Simon. I do hope you return to blogging, I love your blog. Your writings have moved me to tears at times and laughter at other times -- and sometimes both within minutes of each other.

    Do what you must do, as long as you're doing what makes you happy, sweetie. Give Kerouac and Sebastien big hugs for me.

    and merry xmas


  6. Hey, have fun mate and take care. :)

    Enjoy your break and don't let the bastards grind you down.

  7. Anonymous2:34 PM prior comment musthave been too long winded :)

    take care and hope to see you back in the blogosphere! you KNOW i love your site.

    merry christmas, love to all!

  8. just so you know, I always read your long posts. Blogging is meant to rant, to share your feelings. There are so many other blogs out there that just give the news, but personal opinion is what really counts in blogs! Which is why I check it like every day.

    I guess it has given me some hope, since I only know a few other gay people.

    anyways, enough of this. Hope you return to blogging,

    - rashid

    p.s. sasuke + naruto rocks

  9. Late to the Party and Sincere aka Locusta emersonia3:30 AM

    Bloody hell! You're going? You will be missed. Your blog is a slice of life that many people don't get to see or understand. Your blog has never been wanting.
    The blogosphere is less without you and I will sorely miss your pointed and hari-kari comments on others' blogs as well.
    Stay safe and take care. Miss you already.

  10. god it's quiet, except for the roar of the holiday zombie crowds.

    hope you and yours are all well.

    me, I"m about to have a Giftmas induced anyeurism. :)

  11. Hi Everyone I'm back!! Thanks for all your friendly comments and all that encouragement.I guess I was feeling a bit down in the dumps...the gay marriage letdown...Sebastien's absence...and not being able to write about it...and of course WINTER!!!!But now I'm fine...I wrote one last humungous post that kind of explains everything. So now I can move on and try to be a better blogger i.e. shorter. The problem I have is that blogging form focuses on one dot at a time. But I don't believe you can understand what's going on unless you connect the dots. But hey if you want to kick up your heels get a fiddler...not a pianist playing Mozart... Maybe I'll be just a little bit less personal. But I'll still write about the same how we need to do more to protect kids from bullies. Or how gay young people like Rashid should be free to be who they are and love who they want. And of course how the religious extremists of this world should all drown in their own excrement.
    And I don't think I'll change the layout either...maybe I'll change the photo and fool around with some colours.But I'm kind of addicted to all that black!!
    Anyway it's going to be an incredible year...wherever you go out there you feel the wheels of history groaning. The Amerikan Legions upon which their mighty empire sits have been stopped in their tracks. What if they throw in their remaining troops and they still lose? And what monstrous new war is coming out of the blood red mist?
    And then of course....there's the future of Canada.... as I said it should be interesting...if we survive.(gulp)
    And the best thing is I can't wait to see what you my blogging friends have to say about it all...
    Thanks again and all the best everyone!!!