Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tattoos and the Minister of Prisoner Genocide

So we're sitting around in the bunker showing off our newest tattoos. Wondering whether we'd want to look like this guy. (Yes but with bigger biceps and brighter colours....) Or how far down those tattoos go.... Or whether anyone would dare to get their dick tattooed. (No. ) And of course....what are we going to do.... now that we can't get them in prison anymore?

Inmates are up to 10 times more likely to contract HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS, than the general Canadian population. Their likelihood of contracting hepatitis C is about 30 times higher.

What fucking wingnut bastards these ReformCons are...putting their vengeful ideology before the lives of Canadians. Doesn't Stockwell Day think prisoners are human beings? Does he think they'll stay in jail all their lives? Minister of Public Security? What a joke. How about giving this theocon thug the title he really deserves?

Like Minister of Prisoner Genocide....

This SoCon Dumbo was warned that stopping safe tattoo programs would create a public safety risk

"It [the experiment] was intended to reduce the possibility of them being infected, because once infected and released, they pose a risk to the public as a whole."

He knew the prisoners would just make their own tattoos. In all kinds of unsafe ways...

"People have been known to put cigarette ashes with toothpaste under the skin.....As far as needles are concerned, I've seen guys use sewing needles, paperclips, the twist tags of cookie bags."

But he went ahead and cancelled the program anyway. So more Canadians will get infected in and out of prisons, get sick, and maybe die. And he's the fucking Minister of Public Security? That's not just rigid ideological wingnut government. That's insanity. A crime against humanity in our own backyard.

Besides.....doesn't that homophobe Wingnut of Wingnuts know that if Jesus was alive today, he'd also have a tattoo? Or two...

And what does that Socon nutbar think those poor prisoners are supposed to do when they run out of twist tags and paper clips? Use a pair of scissors like these other cooped up boys in a bunker did?

Yikes! Who knew? I guess you really can tattoo someone that way.... although it looks pretty slow and really painful...

Still...not as painful as watching a Canadian government condemn some of its citizens to sickness and death. When they could have done something about it. Now that really hurts.

Once we were a progressive country, known for trying new ways to solve old problems.
Now we're a meanspirited and shrivelled country furiously pedalling backwards.

Once we were admired. Now we're just a joke...

Now will someone please tattoo that on Stockwell Day's butt?

And don't forget to use a twist tag.... a dirty needle..... or a paper clip...


  1. Simon, I definitely share your outrage in regards to Stock. You would hurl driving through Westbank towards Penticton because there are at least 5 full life billboards of his smug, born again, sexist homophobic, wingnut mug. Ugh! He recently wrote another puff piece on the local homepage implying that global warming was a myth because it was so cold last week. Then he trumpeted how good it was for the reformcons to commit 120 million to that insidious (his words) disease AIDS. How the people of the Okanagan can be so stupid to keep electing that dumb fuck is beyond comprehension.

  2. Thanks for saying this so much more colourfully than I did!