Friday, November 10, 2006

Gay Jerusalem and the Vatican Closet Queen

If you wanted to see this young Israeli celebrating his gay pride today you would have had to travel to a closed heavily guarded stadium, on the outskirts of Jerusalem. After a planned march through the so-called Holy City turned into a rally.

On the other hand he might not have been there. He might have been too busy defending his country. Unlike the freakish hatemongering ultra Orthodox who wanted to kill him. But are too busy reading the Torah to serve in the Israeli military. Is that crazy or what?

Still I guess I'm disappointed.... If I'd been there I probably would have been among those arrested for trying to march anyway. But gays and lesbians put their country's interests first. And there were many things to celebrate. A lot of good and brave straight people turned out to support them. It sounds like they all had a hell of a party. And most importantly they got their message out:

"As a lesbian, as a woman, as a Jew and simply as a human being, I have the right to live my life as a lesbian in Jerusalem, openly in my city, close to my family, my friends, my neighbors and my workmates .......If we flee to another city, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam or San Francisco, we shall find ourselves centimeter by centimeter giving way to bullies and violence."

And sent a powerful message out to the whole world about the dangers of religious extremism:

" If nothing else, the fanatics from all three faiths have demonstrated to the world the very real threat to human rights posed by religious fundamentalism. They have made the controversy over the gay pride march into something much bigger: a battle to defend the democratic and humanitarian values of free speech and the right to protest. These are values that ought to concern everyone, everywhere...."

The sad thing is that nothing can conceal the fact that the capital of Israel has been hijacked by religious wingnuts. And doesn't belong to all of its citizens.

And the most disgusting thing is that the Nazi Pope dared tell Jews what to do.
And got away with it.

But then the Vatican closet queen has been getting away with a lot of things these days... In an apparent attempt to avoid the fate of Pastor Penis, he has been lashing himself with self loathing. And bashing us with homophobia.

As I've mentioned before...this isn't about gay marriage anymore. It's all about the Final Solution to the Gay Problem. If this Nazi Pope can't enjoy our beautiful bodies. He'll settle for our blood. Yum.Yum.

But today in a stadium on the outskirts of a divided city blackened with hate, thousands of Israelis replied with a message of love.

As Peter Tatchell points out:

It seems that what Jewish, Muslim and Christian fundamentalists cannot stand is the fact the lesbian and gay community is offering a model of acceptance, unity and love that transcends religious, national, racial and political hatreds.

In Jerusalem, lesbians and gays of all faiths and none socialise together, campaign together, live together and love together. No other community shows such solidarity between Arab and Jew, Israeli and Palestinian, Muslim and Judaist.

That's why our struggle is so important. That's why we must win. I only hope Canadians are as brave as those Israelis were today when our time comes. As it will.

As for me I just wish I was as noble and nice as those people at that rally were today. But unfortunately I'm not... These homophobes have turned me into an animal!!!!

My first instinct would be to wade into that crowd of pig tailed bigots with a baseball bat. Or a machine gun. Or a giant leaf blower to blow them back to the 12th Century where they belong. Or a humungous sewer sucker to take them off to the Bigot Treatment Plant. Or the insane asylum.

But unfortunately I can't.

But since it is the weekend..... and I am a gay animal......and I'm proud of who I am.....and I believe in love not hate...... I thought I'd just end by dedicating this video to the Nazi Pope closet queen. It's a tribute to Pastor Penis from our very own George....

Yum.Yum. You homophobe Popey Nazi. Watch your step or you'll be next!!!!!

And of course eat your heart out....

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. LMAO!

    Ok, what is the name of the youtube production so I can post it on my blog?

    I posted the song by Hipp, but couldn't find it anywhere on youtube.

  2. Hi Beep!

    It's called Hypocritical Preacher and here's the URL:

    It's from a show called The Hour at the CBC....enjoy :)

  3. I watched that episode of The Hour and thought that vid was hilarious. I thought it would be great to post on my blog but gave up a long time ago looking for anything from the CBC, for a public broadcaster, they sure keep a tight reign on their material. I must not be looking in the right places, or going to the same bathhouses as Bill Maher would say.

  4. LMAO, simon, you brat!;) I was out running with my dog this morning, as usual singing a little tune to keep the pace when I suddenly realized the tune I was singing was "Meth and man ass on a sunday morning... yeah! Meth and man ass...(etc)"

    If my neighbours didn't think I was batshit crazy before, they sure do now!! Hahahahaha!

    Keep up the good work, dear, I'm loving your blog.

  5. Awesome video! Pretty soon gay cruising listings are going to have to include the mega churches as the ideal place for a hook up. Word is, the bars and the tubs are the busiest when one of these wingnut freak shows rolls through town on a money makin' mission. Probably find more gay men there being brain-washed by the likes of Pastor Penis. Funny how fellow wingnut Rev Lou Sheldon, the stupidist moron next to Fred Phelps, is now saying he knew the great man-o-god was gay. He was pretty quiet about that before, he should have been speaking out about PP's gay agenda, you know, getting a "massage" and "throwing out" $200 worth of crystal meth. I'm sure the morons following these phonies will be praying their asses off. Too bad it won't do any good. They may want to do something human like, perhaps, helping the less fortunate, there's a start.

  6. Hi Bruce! Yeah the CBC doesn't get'd think they'd be making these virals themselves...but from what I hear they're a pretty tightass control freak bunch. And their President is a pig and an idiot....

    Hi JJ!! I'm glad you liked that little video. Actually...the funniest thing happened to me. I had just finished the post with another (much raunchier) YouTube ...ahem...when the TubeO just disappeared!!! And a sign came up saying removed for copywright reasons blah blah blah. So I had to rewrite the end and put in George's clip instead. But now I'm glad I did!!! I think I was saved from myself...And thanks for your kind words. They're very encouraging....especially coming from you and your beautiful blog...

    Hi BC Boy!! Wow that's a great vision...a cruise full of these evangelicals heading out to sea...the only thing better would be the vision of the cruise boat going down after hitting an iceberg in the Caribbean...and all those evangelicals talking in tongues while trying to walk on water!! Seriously though it does provide even more evidence that sexual repression can not only drive you crazy or turn you into a liar and a hypocrite. It can also turn you into a pervert. The sad thing is that Pastor Ted had a lot of talent and charm. He could have used it for good and to help the less fortunate. But he used it for hate and ended up fucking himself...