Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Great Pot Party in the Park

I slept in and missed the Global Marijuana March. Smoked too many joints the night before. But I got there just in time for the party. And it was a good one. You could smell the dope a block away. At one point a white cloud of smoke almost obscured the head of the statue of Edward VII. He was known for his love of prostitutes, gambling, booze and gluttony. And died from years of smoking too much. So I figure he belongs. That's my kind of King. When we finally get rid of the English Monarchy, and melt the old fucker down for scrap, remind me to put in a few good words on his behalf.

I only wish the new self proclaimed King of Canada, His Satanic Majesty Stephen The First ,was there today as well. So he could have seen thousands of his mostly young subjects having a great time. Smoking themselves silly, laughing, making new friends, playing guitars, beating drums, or just listening to the bands on the stage. Having a peaceful pot protest in the heart of the city. With nothing ugly to mar the mood. Not even a single fight. Imagine if they had all been drinking rather than toking themselves friendly instead?

Yes I wish Great Leader had been there to see all that. Maybe he would have changed his mind about scrapping the bill to decriminalize marijuana. So he can send more Canadian kids to jail, or ruin their lives with a criminal record. Just to please his masters in Washington. And join their crazy War on Drugs. Just check out who is coming to Canada this week.

A year ago wherever I went in the civilized parts of Amerika and Europe people were applauding us for doing the right and so Canadian thing. They thought we were cool. Now we must look like a bunch of bubbas riding backwards on a burro. When they recover from the shock, they'll be laughing at us. And shaking their heads sadly. Mon Dieu! My God! They were just yankee lovin rubes after all. What a pity. Dommage. What a bummer.

But enough of that...back to the pot picnic protest.....I don't want to leave you with the impression that everything was perfect. Just almost perfect.

Some of the bands were a little too stoned. Even they admitted it. And some of the lineups for the munchie stands were a little too long. But what do you expect? And I was disappointed that there were so many teenyboppers and not enough old hippies. Although I arrived late in the afternoon so it's possible many of them were already in bed.
I just want them to know that we're still carrying on the struggle.

On the other hand today the cops were cool. Only about three of them entered the park at any time. They ignored all the toking. They only thing I saw them do was tell some guy at a booth to put away his four foot marijuana plant. But then I didn't stay long.

You see I bumped into about five friends.... each of them armed with all kinds of joints. So in less than an hour I was so buzzed I could hardly talk. Just laugh. So when some cute blonde Russian university student came along and tried to engage me in serious conversation. By asking me to "name one war that didn't begin with a lie," (sigh) I just kept passing him the joint until he forgot the question. And then since it was getting cool we left the park together.

But as I left with my new friend I couldn't help but wonder whether we pot partiers would be back next year. Once Harper has his majority.
And police have the green light to bust whoever they want, whenever they want. And give people a record for something as harmless as puffing on a joint. Or carrying a couple in your pocket.

I just hope that it helps Canadians understand how much of a threat Harper and his yankee loving ReformCons are to our way of life. So when he tries to throw more young people in jail for smoking marijuana people will revolt.

Tell him this is Canada not Amerika. You Chimp loving idiot.

In Canada we don't throw kids in jail for nothing.

In Canada we're better than that.

But I'll worry about that on Monday. The struggle will resume then and so will the blogging.

For the rest of the weekend

I'll just be practicing my Russian....


  1. Gee, I would have liked to go but instead I went to the new Apple Store opening in the Eaton Centre. I'm not a huge nerd but my Apple-head friends wanted me there.

  2. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Always thought you were a pothead, that explains a lot of the paranoia.

  3. Anonymouse

    Of course I'm a pot smoker. What do you think I'm smoking in my photo....a cigarette? But smoking six or seven joints in one afternoon like I did on Saturday doesn't make me a pothead. Or does it? Anyway, I'm definitely not paranoid. Although with the evil regime we have these days paranoia is probably a good thing; a higher state of consciousness. But please don't tell your gauleiters that...
    I don't want to get my next tattoo in a concentration camp! ;)