Tuesday, March 28, 2006

James and Dan and the big gay cover-up

Wow! What a surprise. I had no idea that James Loney was gay. I was more than surprised,I was stunned. If you had asked me who the gay guy was, I would have thought it was the guy with the bun. Shame on me. But it's worse than that. It can only mean that my usually reliable gay radar has blown a fuse. Lordy I'm flying blind! I better send it in to the shop before summer arrives. I don't want to end up like Luna, humping a boat instead of a whale. But really, who could have suspected that a scrawny bearded crazy Christian pacifist like that could be one of us?

Still it does leave me kind of hung up on the horns of an ugly dilemma. I'm supposed to feel grateful the media covered it up. When I usually spend most of my time criticizing them for ignoring our lives and our struggle. Ugh. Get me some gravol.I feel sick to my stomach. All I can say is it must have been really easy, doing what comes natural.

But since they're patting themselves on the back maybe the media can focus on a whole bunch of Canadians who also have to keep their mouths shut, lie about who they are, if they want to save their lives.

That's the real face of prejudice. The one you never hear of in the media. The dirty smelly hetero thing that dogs us like a swamp monster from the day we come out, to the day we die. And turns places that should be safe, like schoolyards, hospitals, and senior homes into a horror show of fear, bigotry and violence.

I'll never understand why more straight people in this country don't speak out against stuff like that. Don't do more to stop the hatred directed at us from their side. Maybe they just don't want to be tainted with the same bigot brush. Maybe they're afraid. Maybe it's because they think it's just an abstract debate over gay rights. When it's really all about our lives.

Hmmm....I wonder if these guys I stumbled across last weekend, had to put up with any of that bigotry before they died.

I hope not. It doesn't look as if they had to hide who they were. Or who they loved. Good for them.

Good for James Loney too. He seems like a nice guy, and a brave one too. I like how he thanked the SAS guys who freed him. By talking about the soldier who cut his chains. I don't really have anything against pacifists either. We need them to remind everyone that war is ugly and evil.

I just think that people who believe they can make a difference by wandering around unarmed in a country where religious fanatics are drilling holes in people, or sawing off their toes before shooting or beheading them, are hopelessly naive. And need to be protected from themselves. So others don't have to waste their time, or risk their lives saving them.

But I'm not worried about Loney going back to Iraq, or any other place where murderous Muslim fanatics hold sway. I'm counting on his partner Dan to restrain him -- if necessary with chains.

I'm worried about Loney's return to the Soo.

Will his partner Dan be with him? Will he ride in an open car? Will the cheers turn to boos? Will people tear down those pictures of Loney the local paper printed? Along with those red ribbons. Will the messages of support turn to messages of hate? In Harper's Canada you never know.

Oh I'm sure James and Dan will be safe. Safer than Iraq, even if their government is preparing to steal their rights. And whip up the mob against them. I'm sure they think they're living in the land of the free. That's what happens when you're gentle and naive.

They might even get away with it too. Until like all their brothers and sisters, they eventually get old or sick. Then they'll find out that when they're weak and helpless not even their prayers will save them.

No wonder so many gay seniors are talking about places like these. Those who can afford them and those who can't. Or why an old couple I know is thinking about buying a gun.

I wonder how long I'll have to wait before the media pays any attention to those kind of gay stories. The ones that really affect our lives. The ones that are feeding an anger that will one day explode.

Then I'll be really grateful.

Right now I am not.

Right now I'm just angry. But luckily I just saw V for Vendetta.

And luckily I'm no pacifist.

So I'm happy to settle for revenge!


  1. Quite the post: so much that I was thinking about, so accurately expressed ...

  2. Ditto for me. Eloquently written and to the point of the whole story, the need to cover up due to the sad reality that facist religion has a death wish for us.

  3. Hi guys

    Thanks. i don't know what set me off. I guess it's pent up frustration at the hypocrisy of it all. But I'm afraid I'm turning into a bit of a ranter. I think I better chill out,so I don't spontaneously combust before the real battle begins...Besides I'm encouraged that there has been some coverage in the MSM about the human rights situation in Iran and Afghanistan. So people might still be able to look away, and not speak out or lift a finger to stop it. But they won't be able to pretend that they didn't know what was going on. It's not much. But it's something.
    And more than enough to encourage me to keep on fighting these mad bigots, until we smash them. As we will. Don't ever doubt that.